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Mobile Device ManagementTell me, who hasn’t observed this: Smartphones and tablets were first birthed into the consumer marketplace.

There, they were joyfully received. And just as quickly, it seemed, they were snapped up by the corporate world, where they wasted no time in changing that landscape in a number of radical and significant ways.

And today, there’s no doubt that the modern employee requires the ability to work wherever and whenever they want to. They demand the ability to be mobile at work. Continue reading

The Dos and Donts of BYOD

BYODBYOD or Bring Your Own Device is the latest rage among employees and they love every minute of using their smart mobile devices.

Though this has created enough enthusiasm among the employees, it has left a big question for the management – how to handle organizational data security. Keeping the business data safe will be a major concern for the companies who encourage their employees to bring their own devices to office.

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BYODPlenty of us have had jobs where keeping our phones with us while we’re “on the clock”was strictly forbidden. Then there are those of us with jobs that not only encourage, but actually require, the use of the latest mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Company-issued devices are fairly common, particularly among professionals who travel a lot for their company. They’re a way to ensure that every employee is using the same hardware and the same operating system, and to make sure that they all have access to all of the same important features.

As popular as company-issued devices are, the trend that’s sweeping the professional world right now is BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. It’s exactly what it sounds like: employees are able to use their personal devices as work devices.

It might sound like a perfect solution for all involved, but it’s actually a pretty complicated issue, rife with advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at a few of them here. Continue reading

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