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Video ConferencingWith the rise of technology, companies have seen a lot of changes in the way business is done.

Thanks to the internet, many people are now able to work from remote locations rather than having to go into the office every day, and businesses themselves have been able to diversify and grow with much more ease, including taking their offices to different parts of the world. From these changes, businesses have also seen the rise of video conferencing as a method of communication.

Simply put, video conferencing makes use of computer networks so that people can conduct meetings from these remote locations, allowing them to see and hear each other as if they were in the same room. It has been growing and growing in popularity, to the point that companies such as Regus have incorporated it into the property packages they provide. Video conferencing offers some great advantages that businesses would do well to consider. Continue reading

Social Media for BusinessesSocial media is a part of everyday life for a society engulfed in technology, making it one of the best ways to reach vast and new audiences.

Social media is one of the few aspects of technology that people are exposed to so frequently through the day, with smartphones and tablets enabling people to never have to miss an update again. And with its many free and cost effective business features, it’s no surprise it is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies with new and small businesses looking to grow. Here are just a few of the many ways in which social media can help small business and start-ups: Continue reading

Twitter Facebook Google PlusUsing Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as effective Social Media Marketing Tools.

Social media marketing has rapidly become one of the most popular means by which businesses not only market their business but also connect with both current as well as potential customers in an effective way, thus, increasing profits.

Social media marketing is the act of using social media, especially social networking sites to market a company or business. It is not uncommon these days for every company and brand to own a social networking site profile. Some of the most common ones include Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Listed below are ways in which these three major websites can help your company grow and well as ensure maximum visibility. Continue reading

Washington Post websiteOne of the largest U.S. newspaper Washington Post plans to make a paid version of its online version.

Works on a subscription model to be introduced later this year, and it will be done in the same way as in the case of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, when much of the content will be available only for the money and some items – for free.
According to the publication of the plan now under consideration, the paper will offer readers 20 free articles a month, and for all the others have to pay, in addition to the free edition subscribers remain with the paper version of the newspaper. Prices for subscription edition has not yet identified.

Analysts do not have a clear approach to the introduction of paid versions of newspaper websites. Obviously, on the one hand, such steps are intended to compensate for the decline in advertising sales and a drop in sales of printed editions. The largest U.S. publication The New York Times two years ago introduced a toll system and since then readers of the base toll reached 640,000 customers and is now publishing gets more revenue from subscriptions than from advertising. Continue reading

Online ShoppingResidents of the UK for the third year in a row are the most active buyers in the world via the Internet, according to regulator Ofcom, who examined the 17 countries with the most developed online market.

According to the regulator, the buyers from the UK spend on online purchases on average 1083 pounds ($ 1743) per year, and the second place ranking went to Australia, where the people spend on online shopping on average 842 pounds a year.

Ofcom noted that the increasing popularity of online shopping in the UK due to the high demand for smart phones and related accessories. However, about 16% of Internet traffic is necessary on mobile phones, this indicator Kingdom also avoids other European countries.

In addition, according to the study, the British were among the most active users of other digital devaysa, such as a camcorder or video. Thus, 15% of UK households have a TV connected to the Internet, while in the U.S. the figure is 10%.

In Ofcom also calculated the average cost of a typical set of communications services, which includes fixed and mobile telephony, networking and TV. In Britain, the average price of this set amounted to 146 pounds, 32 pounds less than in France, the 101 – than in Italy and 168 pounds cheaper than in the U.S.. Continue reading

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