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5 Technological TricksCustomer is service is a critical department in any business organization. Quality service will nurture and build a strong relationship between your customers and the business itself and a bad one will chase off prospective clients and reduce customer retention.

A business can improve customer service in many ways, but the use of right technology can surpass them all.

Below are five technological tricks that will help you enhance and make your customer service department more efficient. Continue reading

Cloud Computing benefits your business

Cloud technology has changed the way people do business. It is more than just saving on your IT costs. It is about innovations that are changing the way industries run businesses. It is improving business processes and varied businesses are getting advantage from it. 10 such businesses that are using cloud technology to gain competitive advantage are enlisted below. Continue reading

Social mediaSocial media and business go hand in hand. These days, social media creates more impact in our life than anything else.

Out of 10 people, you will find 7 to 8 people are surfing net in their mobile phones or in laptops. They are crazy about the social media and it help them get the information about anything that is happening in this world.

The social media links, posts and videos are spontaneous and catch the eyes of the users. These things are really responsible to create an image in the online world and one cannot avoid social media and get success. Continue reading

databasesRunning a business is no more a cakewalk in today’s epoch.

You need to be attentive, alert and updated regarding the latest techniques and methods which could keep your business in the long run. Besides, there are many other aspects which you need to ponder upon. There are times when entrepreneurs forget to take care of some of these aspects which actually may result in the deviation graph of your business. Continue reading

call centreOutbound diallers are here to stay, they are a huge part of outbound sales strategy and also modern call centre operations.

Love it or hate it, outbound dialler software is here to stay. It offers strategic benefits to businesses by allowing them to make each moment of an outward bound sales campaign more productive, offering an almost immediate boost to business.

However, the one size fits all approach doesn’t work for everyone. Today’s savvy customers have come to expect a more sophisticated tap on the shoulder and companies that fail to plan their outbound strategy to take into account factors such as business hours, trips abroad and so on, risk alienating the very people they are seeking to win over. Continue reading


After the criticism surrounding Windows 8, we take a look at whether or not the constant stream of updates from Microsoft is really benefitting consumers.

Keeping and updating software can often be tricky for businesses trying to manage their budgets whilst staying cutting edge.  Microsoft’s recent software policy has raised some intriguing questions about the value of constant updates. Continue reading

Android Device For Collaboration

With the demise of BlackBerry, the smartphone market for business consumers has become a hotly contested one.

For a while, the main factor for large companies was the security of the device itself. BlackBerry has always been the industry leader in security features, which allowed them to stay alive far longer than they otherwise would have. Even today, many large corporations and government agencies continue to use BlackBerry devices for their perceived security benefits.

However, both Android and Apple’s iOS have made significant strides in the development of security features that are on par or better than BlackBerry’s. “While large companies and government agencies will be slow to adjust to this new reality”, Continue reading

Commercial digital signage

Is there any doubt that digital signage is going to change advertising in the next 10 years?

Commercial digital signage is already responsible for an estimated $2.7 billion in advertising revenue through 2013, and the sky is the limit when it comes to future profits. Businesses of all stripes can benefit from digital innovation. Whether you own a restaurant, a movie theater, a junkyard, or a medical clinic, a well-designed digital sign can change the way customers and investors see your company. Continue reading

Worldwide Offshoring BusinessThe concept of outsourcing has gained popularity in the mid 90s and the trend has increased to a great extent now.

It has affected business of every nature, at all locations. In simple terms, outsourcing is a formal agreement with third party to perform an internal function of the company. Companies opt for outsourcing for various reasons; the main reasons being, to save money by reducing costs, to improve quality and to let the resources focus on more important aspects of the firm.

Why outsourcing technologies?

Technology plays a vital role in the success of any business. You need to keep up with the latest advancements in the technology for efficacy and smooth functioning of your business. Technology is very essential to run daily business operations, communications and store and manage crucial information related to your business. Having said that, managing technology is not very easy and it is indeed time-consuming. This is one of those areas where most businesses opt for outsourcing. It is very important to have a professional team who can manage your business technology to ensure success and growth to your business. Continue reading

Ebay ShopingInternet company Ebay expects its earnings this quarter will be worse than expectations of some analysts on the background of deteriorating economic conditions in Europe and Asia.

According to the Ebay estimate, the company will sell at a rate of 3.85-3.95 billion, while analysts stated 3.97 billion dollars. Revenue for the second quarter amounted to 3.88 billion dollars, which is only $ 100 million worse than expected.

eBay president and CEO John Donahoe said the company is now making significant efforts related to work outside of the U.S., focusing primarily on emerging markets such as Russia or China. In 2012, 27% of the proceeds from the online auction Ebay turned out just by working outside the United States, while on the subdivision PayPal is even higher 50%. In Ebay today said that in 2013, the company’s performance will be at the lower end of a previously published forecast. Continue reading

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