Shopping with a mobile device’s cameraIt is everybody’s dream to find what they are looking for without having to spend hours wandering around different shops.

Fortunately, this is now possible with the new Slyce application created by Business Instincts Group, a Canadian app developer. To put it simple, whenever you want to find a certain item you can use Slyce to locate the nearest store where you can buy it – all you need to do is to take a clear photo of the product, and Slyce will browse the database and come up with the nearest location.

Otherwise stating, Slyce allows you to shop with your mobile phone’s camera, and this can turn out to be a win-win: it is very time-effective for customers who want to get the best price-quality relationship for the item, yet at the same time it is beneficial for the retailer as well, who can quickly and efficiently sell products to the target market. Moreover, the Slyce application is very versatile as well, and it can be easily tailored to meet the needs of all businesses, from the small neighborhood stores to the largest corporations. Continue reading