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Blizzard card gameBlizzard company decided to enter the new market of collectible card games. The new game, which will be based around the story cards, called Hearthston: Heroes of Warcraft.

Players in Hearthstone can compete against each other, the winning card, or purchase new cards in retail outlets. For the game, other than buying the cards that do not require any additional costs.

The company said that the full collection of maps Blizzard will release before the end of this year. The cards in the game will be based on the characters, spells and artifacts from the world of Warcraft. Robert Pardo, CEO of Blizzard, said that playing cards are sold in packs of 5 cards. The cost of one package of about $ 1.

Card, to shop, repeat the online game where gamers fight each other with virtual characters, different game guns and spells. Overall, the product is aimed at fans of board games, as well as those who have previously had experience of playing World of Warcraft. Continue reading

PlayStation 4At the PlayStation Meeting after the announcement of the console itself, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, said:

“It makes no sense to plant a tree if you do not like the fruit, so the Sony PlayStation 4 is unthinkable without the games!”

Console was created with the latest trends in the world and game development, are demanding more social and free-to-play. In the words of the director of the company, they are counting the cost of all games will be within the range of $ 0.99 – $ 60. Although the games shown in the presentation, were just some of the ideas of the business model, they were able to win the hearts of fans and make now to start saving money for their purchase.

Below you can read about the most ambitious undertakings of different companies that have come together with the receipt of the console on the market. Among other known shooter Killzone, a futuristic action game inFamous: Second Son, Drive Club for fans of racing, The Witness for those who like puzzles, and more! Continue reading

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