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The Buzz About Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a term that was originally coined in 2005 by the website Shop.org.

It has since become one of the largest-growing online shopping holidays for consumers worldwide. Cyber Monday is often referred to as the “New Black Friday”, which falls on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is an online consumer holiday that allows shoppers who are looking for goods from home to purchase items at a steep discount, often beating out traditional “Black Friday” sales. The shopping holiday itself gets it name as it refers to shopping exclusively from online retailers right from the comfort of consumer’s homes. Continue reading

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most popular and profitable holidays, but there are many myths and misconceptions around it.

For example, do you know why it’s called Black Friday? This holiday is much more interesting that people give it credit for, and it’s essential for many large chains and small businesses.

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

Many people think that Black Friday comes from the fact that many businesses “get into the black” from the great sales. While this does make sense, and it certainly is true for many stores, this isn’t where the term originated. Continue reading

DriverMax Black Friday Deals

DriverMax Black Friday / Cyber Monday discounts – 50% Off

Hot deal from Greatsoftline.com – Wanna make the most out of your PC and enjoy smooth FPS in the neoteric Assassins Creed or Call of Duty: Ghosts blockbusters? Take advantage of installing smart DriverMax software to ensure timely driver updates at a reduced price: make use of the benefits of Cyber Monday with greatsoftline.com right away! Use a coupon code to get an access to a 50% discount and save your money.

A thorough look under the microscope

DriverMax represents a clever piece of software designed to eliminate the drudgery of constant hardware drivers updating. Just imagine that you will no longer have to stuff your head with tiring searches and tedious installations – a well-crafted DriverMax app brings the desired panacea and delivers fresh drivers in a single click. So, how it works? Continue reading

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