Crysis 3Crysis 3 – a game we were waiting, probably more than any other winter projects, and finally it went on sale and immediately surpassed all expectations.

Stunning graphics, interesting story about the emotional characters, powerful weapons and armor, excellent management system and a variety of battles await anyone who dares to set foot on the New York 2.0. Are you ready for this adventure?

Crysis 3 story begins 24 years later after the events of the previous game. The protagonist here – we already know the Prophet, and his main opponent – Alpha Ceph – angry stranger who wants to enslave the remnants of humanity. However, along with the aliens as humanity itself is a threat, so that the Prophet would have to fight even with the corporation CELL, which is occupied by the insidious secret developers. Also important to the plot is the best friend of our hero with the great name of Psyche, who had once worn the nanosuit. For the first time in the game Crysis trilogy developers allowed characters to express emotions, so sometimes the storyline even seem dramatic. But make no mistake – after the script was never a strong point of Crysis. Continue reading