Fujitsu PalmSecureFujitsu showed Commercial solution for authentication based on prints of blood vessels.

Fujitsu has announced the availability of new authentication solutions based on proprietary technology PalmSecure, which uses a unique pattern of blood vessels in the palm to protect the identity of a fake.

Fujitsu PalmSecure technology is used to confirm a user’s identity using biometric data. You must scan the vein pattern in the palm of a non-contact method, which is safer and easier to use than traditional authentication methods such as the system of Chip & PIN, and protects data from being stolen. Fujitsu PalmSecure technology showcased at CeBIT, held in Hannover.

Fraudulent use of electronic authentication, such as in the case with the Chip & PIN, is a problem that costs the banks and government agencies around the world to millions of dollars. Through the use of technology Fujitsu PalmSecure, reading the unique pattern of veins with low oxygen content required to authenticate a second – the user simply hold your hand over the sensor. Continue reading