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Linux News TodayArch Linux distribution is carried out the transfer of all the executable files in / usr / bin

Arch Linux developers have warned users about the need for manual intervention in the next update distribution. When you upgrade, users will see an error due to a conflict of directories due to the transfer of all executable files from the directory / bin, / sbin and / usr / sbin in a single directory / usr / bin.

The above change will get rid of confusion with the location of files and simplify maintenance packages. Read More

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MATE 1.6 desktop environment

After eight months of development release is available desktop environment MATE 1.6, in which the continued development of the code base GNOME 2.32 with preservation of the classical concept of the formation of the desktop.

The new version includes about 800 changes in the preparation of an edition was attended by 39 designers and more than 150 translators. Installation packages from MATE prepared for Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Slackware, and openSUSE. Continue reading

Lennart Poettering introduced the system manager systemd release 198, a remarkable addition utilities bootctl, systemd-activate and kernel-install, support for SSL in systemd-journal-gatewayd, the ability to manage limited resources on the fly, support overriding options unit-file through the creation of individual files in a directory, the ability to use one boot partition for different distributions.

Systemd combines the functions of the system initialization mechanism to control the background process, a service for logging events and facilities management services, sessions, users and connected devices. To determine the parameters of services used in Systemd unit-set of configuration files, rather than processing scripts in a shell-script. The system aims at intensive parallelization service execution at boot system, having incorporated the best features of systems such as launchd (Mac OS X), SMF (Solaris) and Upstart (Ubuntu, older versions of Fedora). At present, the use of systemd already switched distributions like Fedora, openSUSE, Mandriva, and Arch Linux. Continue reading

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