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IPhone 5c

Recently after long waiting, Apple has come up with its most featured set iPhone 5c.

Many brand lovers love it but for some it’s just a set with better specifications, design and other software. This set has came to the seen as new set but actually this set has come with blend of old hardware and new software.

The iPhone from Apple is an alternative to the high priced version iPhone 5s. In essence, it is the iPhone 5 from the year 2012 the look is a little something new. In this article we have reviewed Apple iPhone 5c. Continue reading

IPhone 6After the release of the new iPhone 5S, may people are now looking forward to the release of the new masterpiece of the world famous company.

A few months ago, when we were still not quite sure whether iPhone 6 will be released at the end of this year, or at the beginning of the next one, the firsts rumours of a new, 6-inch display appeared. Today it seems that it is definitely not the case. However, there is one thing that we can be absolutely sure about – the new iPhone 6 will hit the market and turn into one of the best smarphones of 2014. Here is some further information on the topic.

The design

As usually, the design is expected to take our breath away. Judging by the previous two models – iPhone S and iPhone 5C, the new version is definitely going to sell like hot cakes. Ultra thin design and extremely simplified corpus – in short, simply amazing! Good job, Apple! Continue reading

Apple Mac OS X MavericksApple yesterday opened its annual conference for developers WWDC2013 (already the 24th in a row), the first day of which the company presented its main points and showed their new products.

At the opening conference, the company will hold more than a hundred sessions, which will visit more than 1,000 engineers. Recall that this conference tickets were sold over the Internet in just 71 seconds after the start of sales.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that over the five years of the online catalog App Store the number of applications it has exceeded 900,000, with nearly 90% of them are downloaded at least once a month. The total number of user accounts exceeds 575 million, and the total amount of commission payments to programmers exceeded 10 billion dollars. Continue reading

Apple iOS 7Company Apple at the developer conference WWDC on Monday, June, 10 introduced iOS 7 – a new operating system for its mobile devices.

Earlier rumors were confirmed: the design of the platform became “flat” and minimalistic. According to Tim Cook, it’s the most significant change in the operating system throughout its existence.

Apple changed the interface of the operating system: redrawn application icons to make them more “flat”, and deployed in the OS new font and new wallpaper, as well as redesigned regular programs, including “weather” (appeared animation), “Calendar”, “Messages”, “Mail”, “Game Center”. Continue reading

ApleTaiwanese online edition Digitimes, citing its sources in the environment of local electronics assemblers reports that Apple has begun to reduce the volume of orders for the production of tablets iPad Mini.

Recall that not long before several analyst firms have predicted the imminent collapse of the volume of orders.

So, Digitimes reports that the company AU Optronics, which supplies LCD panels for Apple iPad Mini in the current quarter to put the needs of the Apple 2,5-2,8 million panels, whereas in the previous quarter, the figure was 4,000,000 panels. Continue reading

EFF ReportIn its report, the U.S. group for the protection of civil liberties, EFF warns that some companies can not be trusted personal information.

Of the 18 technology companies caught in the list, only six firms were rated 5 stars out of 6.

This report is published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which assigns ratings to selected companies, based as they relate to user data and how they follow the laws protecting personal information. Continue reading

iCloud logoFollowed by Google and Facebook, iPhone maker also introduces a system of two-factor authentication for their online services.

While the two-step authentication is implemented for the service iCloud. As described in the Apple, the implementation of this task is to prevent the use of iCloud-data with unauthorized devices. In addition, the presence of systems to enhance the authentication system, increase the attractiveness of iCloud for enterprise users.

Now users can use two-factor authentication in the account settings in the tabs Apple ID Password and Security. In the case of two-factor authentication from Apple, users can obtain an authentication code by SMS or discover it on your special application for iPhone – Find My iPhone. Both solutions allow iCloud to ensure that their use of the device has a legitimate right of access iCloud. Continue reading

Intel and Apple chipsApple is now almost six years as it uses Intel processors in their desktops and laptops, but mobile solutions Apple – iPod, iPhone and iPad – have yet to have intel side. Now that may change. But this does not mean that future iPhone or iPad give up their chips and move to Intel Atom.

According to unofficial information, the top management of Intel in talks with his counterparts from Apple concerning the use of production capacity of the first to release the latest mobile processors. Today, Taiwan’s TSMC engaged hardware release of processors for the iPhone and iPad to order Apple.

Sources at Intel said the other day Suneet Rikhi, vice president of operations discussed with Apple the possibility and terms of cooperation in the field of mobile chips. It should be noted that independent analysts have said for months on whether this kind of cooperation, and in the first place for Intel. Continue reading

Apple has released iTunes 11.0.2

Apple iTunesApple has reported the availability of a new version of iTunes 11.0.2, a universal set of tools for audio and video, manage media libraries, as well as quick and easy purchase applications and content in the same online store.

The new version of iTunes for the operating systems OS X and Windows is now available for download. The product is also available as a separate assembly for 64-bit versions of Windows.

iTunes can be used by the owners desktop as a convenient media player, facilitates interaction with personal digital music library can make playlists, listen to the Internet radio stations. You can also convert media content, as well as quickly and accurately synchronize media libraries stored on the PC hard disk, with portable devices. Continue reading

iOS problems passcodeApple is working on a fix vulnerabilities in the operating system, iOS 6.1, which allows you to gain unauthorized access to a mobile device with a password, the website All Things Digital with reference to the Apple.

“Apple takes the security very seriously. This is a known issue and we will provide a correction in future software releases,” – quotes the edition statement by Company Trudy Muller.

To bypass the password in iOS 6.1 should consistently follow some simple steps, after which it will be possible to make calls, view your contact book and photos. A similar vulnerability was discovered in late 2010 in the system iOS 4.1. C release an update of it was closed. Continue reading

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