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Apple TV logoEver since Steve Jobs quoted to his biographer that he had “finally cracked” the problem of interactive TV interfaces, rumours have been rife about when Apple will announce they are releasing a TV set.

Jobs stated that he wanted to create an integrated television set that would have a really simple, user friendly interface, similar to that of iPads, and would be able to synch with other Apple devices.

The actual concreteness of the Apple TV rumours has not been supported with evidence, although in 2011 a former employee of Apple confirmed they had entered into a partnership with a TV component company. Continue reading

Google ChromecastGoogle today announced a low-cost TV dongle called Chromecast. Through the HDMI-connector Chromecast connects to your TV and allows you to broadcast it over Wi-Fi content from mobile devices.

The device has dimensions roughly like a stick, and is already being sold in the U.S. for $ 35. Chromecast can not be played back on a TV set video, view photos, listen to music and display any tab browser running on a mobile device. In this Chromecast is cross-platform device – it supports not only the system of Google, but Apple, and Microsoft. Continue reading

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