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iPhone XApple iPhone X is now available and the users are wondering how to get started.

Apple has brought a revolutionary innovation in the shape of iPhone X.

No matter how great the innovation is the first concern would be your iPhone’s battery life.

We will look through some useful tips that will help you maximize your battery. Starting off with the essentials: Continue reading

IPhone 5c

Recently after long waiting, Apple has come up with its most featured set iPhone 5c.

Many brand lovers love it but for some it’s just a set with better specifications, design and other software. This set has came to the seen as new set but actually this set has come with blend of old hardware and new software.

The iPhone from Apple is an alternative to the high priced version iPhone 5s. In essence, it is the iPhone 5 from the year 2012 the look is a little something new. In this article we have reviewed Apple iPhone 5c. Continue reading

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