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Apache Software FoundationThe Apache Software Foundation has announced the release of high-performance http-server Apache Traffic Server 4.0.1.

New Apache Traffic Server 4.0.1 can act as an intermediary, redirecting requests to the backend that generates dynamic content, or provide a return of static objects, such as files, JavaScript, CSS and images. Traffic Server also includes a set of services for use in a distributed system, including configuration tools, management sessions, balancing authorization, and routing requests.

Apache Traffic Server supports caching, which allows to reduce the load on the server and reduce internal traffic through the re-using and the impact of caching frequently accessed web- pages, images and references to web-services. For queries that can not be cached can be used proxy mode provides load balancing means and filtering requests. To extend the functionality of Apache Traffic Server provides an API for developing plug-ins that can perform various tasks, such as changing the HTTP- headers and content to send content or creating handlers c implementation support new protocols. Continue reading

Apache OpenOffice 4Compatible with other major office suites Apache OpenOffice 4.0 has been released

Presented release of the Apache OpenOffice 4.0 office suite, which absorbed part of the improvements developed as part of the product Lotus Symphony, the code of which was handed over by IBM after the Apache Foundation’s decision to stop the development of a separate fork and focus on developing core codebase Apache OpenOffice.

The new version is notable for the implementation of an improved user interface, a significant improvement in compatibility with the formats of Microsoft Office, advanced tools for working with graphics, numerous performance optimizations. Continue reading

GoogleGoogle has released a module speed up the loading of web-pages PageSpeed ​​for Nginx

Google has presented a module ngx_pagespeed, in which was prepared the analogue for the previously developed for the http-server Apache module mod_pagespeed. Running as a module inside Nginx, ngx_pagespeed rewrites your webpages to make them faster for your users. Ngx_pagespeed code is licensed under Apache. Continue reading

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