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Best Video Editing Apps for Your Android Phone 2018Using video editing apps for Android, you can create, edit and share videos effortlessly. These tools are also useful to reduce your manual efforts as they work automatically. Let’s discuss some of these tools here.

Video editing apps for Android helps you edit your videos in no time. Here, these tools come bundled with lot of amazing features where you can apply various filters and features to your videos to make them look good.

Using these simple yet effective tools for your Android device, you can get instant and effective on your device. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here. Continue reading

Android Tricks and TipsTop 10 tips for making your Android better

When most people get a new android phone, they download a mail application, Facebook, WhatsApp and maybe a few others.

However, this is just the barebones of what can be done with an Android device.

Below are 10 tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your new phone. Continue reading

android appsDespite the fact that Android currently accounts for the majority of the smartphone and mobile device market share in the world, developers have been slow to move towards the Android platform.

The majority of applications are pumped into iOS first and Android second, but there are some very persuasive reasons why Android developers should not be so quick to dismiss the Android marketplace. Continue reading

Internet Online RadioIn this article, I have listed some wonderful internet radio apps that can help you access your favorite music easily.

The radio is a great way to catch up on recent events or listen to our favorite tunes while out and about, but many people think radio is just something to be used for the commute.

The reality is that recent technological advancements have made radio possible to enjoy from just about anywhere. In the past, those who wanted to listen to radio had to carry around expensive and usually large devices in order to catch the radio signals bouncing all around us. This is no longer the case, particularly when it comes to internet radio. Continue reading

Mobile PhoneIn this article, I have listed some easy ways to prevent your children from doing anything mischievous on your phone.

A smartphone has got to be one of the best toys in the world. It looks cool, it gives you access to the web and it’s filled with great games and features.

You’ll probably be excited when you get a new one, and so you shouldn’t be surprised if your kids feel the same way. Continue reading

Arrest Apps

There are various apps today mostly designed for business and leisure purposes. However, there are also arrest apps that help arrested people get help fast.

The number of arrests today is nothing new considering that people have always been getting arrested for years. What makes it different today is the techy ways people have begun utilizing to alert or inform a person’s loved ones and friends that the person is being arrested.

Technology developments have paved the way for smartphone apps designed to send out alerts or notifications which highlights the way people are now dealing with arrests and how they secure bail for quicker release. Continue reading

Top Android Apps

When you’re a busy lawyer there are a lot of things you can do to improve your efficiency and diminish your workload.

With the advent and influence of technology you can utilize the power of applications for your Android phone to work on the go and make sure you stay on the top of everything. As a busy lawyer it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially, if you are always on the go.

In this article we’re going to cover the top Android apps you should be using as a busy lawyer, to make a positive impact in your work. Continue reading

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