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RADEON AMDThroughout this article I give my thoughts regarding the feasibility of 4K gaming in today’s computer gaming environment.

Throughout tech forums all across the internet computer enthusiasts have been mostly looking in awe at the splendor of 4K or Ultra High Definition resolution.

Indeed the resolution packs a plentiful amount of pixels into these screens which represents an astonishing 8.3 megapixel resolution.  Continue reading

AMD Roadmap 2014The world’s second largest chip maker Advanced Micro Devices at a press conference Monday night announced that next year is going to release a line of processors for embedded systems, such as Internet-connected TVs, and other professional equipment.

AMD has said that embedded systems – this is a very dynamic sector of today’s market, where is a place for high- and low-power chips.

AMD has stressed that the line of chips will include hybrid solutions for micro architectures ARM and x86.

As expected, the first will be processors Hierofalcon, which will be performed under the SoC-platform (System on a chip) and will be based on microkernels ARM Cortex-A57. A57 chips are the first ARM processors, support 64-bit technology and created for the data center, communications infrastructure and industrial solutions. They will appear in the second half of next year. Continue reading

AMD 5GHz CPUAt E3 this week, AMD has caught the attention of gamers, enthusiasts and experts in multimedia, showing a microprocessor running at a clock frequency of 5 GHz.

The new AMD FX-9590 is an eight-core chip, the nominal frequency of which was increased to 5 GHz, the company also revealed a chip FX-9370, clocked at 4.7 GHz. Both new products are based on micro-Piledriver, technology support Turbo Core 3.0, have eight cores and are compatible with motherboards with AMD socket AM3 , as well as Integrated memory controller DDR3 at up to 1866 MHz. Continue reading

Computex-2013Recent years, the company Advanced Micro Devices saw its products as solutions for Windows-oriented products, but now it is not so, and AMD opens the door for Android, Chrome OS and tablets in general.

Lisa Su, general manager of business development AMD, today at Computex-2013 stated that AMD Expands Support for operating systems starting to produce hybrid solutions for x86-ARM platform in the coming year.

According to her, as the company is expanding the program to produce customized chips and will offer its expertise to manufacturers tablets based on Android, ChromeOS and others in the field of chip design and integration. According to unofficial data, now AMD has had similar experience, because the chips the company will work with the new version of the game console Xbox One. Here, a modified version of the processor with integrated graphics component. Continue reading

Radeon HD 7990Advanced Micro Devices yesterday presented its new flagship graphics card Radeon HD7990 by the codename Malta, which is intended to be used in most modern computers to meet the needs of the game’s most demanding gamers. AMD’s Malta Becomes The Radeon HD 7990.

According to internal tests, this new product in terms of performance in the most popular computer games ahead of the GeForce GTX 690 from NVIDIA and is by far the most productive two-chip discrete graphics card for desktop PCs. Continue reading

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