Acronis Snap DeploySoftware Acronis Snap Deploy is a comprehensive solution for deployment on PCs and servers using imaging technology Acronis.

With its powerful and simple solution Acronis Snap Deploy private companies, government organizations and educational institutions can quickly and easily perform initial or re-deploy system configurations on all notebooks, desktops and servers, while significantly reducing costs.

Acronis imaging technology allows the generation of a full disk image of a user-selected standard configuration, including the operating system, configuration files and applications. Then Acronis Snap Deploy provides simultaneous deployment of the image on multiple systems, making this the best solution for quick installation on the “bare metal” for servers and PCs.

Function of Acronis Snap Deploy:

– Power control. Deploying a master image from a single administrative console, including the operating system and applications on many PCs or LAN servers using multicast or unicast. Continue reading