AcronisAcronis company introduced several new products to protect data on previously supported target platforms: Mac OS X, Microsoft SQL Server, and SharePoint.

For users of Mac-Systems presented the pilot project solutions for backup and data protection with integration into corporate systems. Technology for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint released an enhanced version of the already known product Acronis Backup & Recovery Unified Platform with support for both physical and virtual environments.

The first prototype of the system Acronis data protection Mac-platform in corporate networks built on proprietary technologies ExtremeZ-IP and Acronis Backup & Recovery. The system allows you to maintain smooth operation of office machines and Mac-compliance with data protection without interfering with the primary users work administrators. The integration of the Mac into a single security architecture is an important step in the strategy of the traditional Acronis backup and disaster recovery for a broader approach to provide high availability, availability and data protection. Continue reading