3D Printers

Recently there seems to be a lot of excitement building around the things that can be done with 3D printers.

Today, it is possible to make just about anything using a 3D printer, from ceramic cups to fancy chocolate cakes, metal machine parts, plastic toys, or stoneware vases. We took a good look on 5 cool things that most of us would print themselfes if we had a 3d printer at home:

1. Camera And Lens

By spending merely $30 in parts and waiting for 15 hours, a fully-functional SLR camera can be printed using a 3D printer. As long as you have the instructions, the camera can be assembled in merely an hour. The camera will be compatible with all photographic lenses and you will be able to take quality photos with it. However, you can also print a lens for the camera using the 3D printer. While the picture quality may not be great, the effects can be really cool. Continue reading