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Having a web presence is a necessity for every business operating today. However, getting traffic to your website is a challenge, and many businesses struggle to get to the first page of Google and Bing for the lion’s share of the traffic. If you’re struggling to get your website to the top, these tips below […]

The digital landscape for the coming year is going to be even more complex. The rise of social media means public opinion matters more than ever and we are already seeing how new technology trends affect some of our daily interactions. But behind the scenes, technology continues to improve. Here are some digital trends to […]

Technology in the modern world has become a vital tool for the growth of businesses by allowing for increased productivity, staying relevant with the changing times and staying ahead of the competition. Leveraging technology helps in scaling out and targeting customers using an efficient and time-saving approach. Let’s look at five different ways you can […]

One of the great benefits of social media is the ability to reach a large audience. When you write a blog or trying to promote your brand, you’re technically competing with a million other contestants. On top of that, managing multiple social media accounts on a daily basis becomes tiring as well as incredibly time […]

Cloud technology has changed the way people do business. It is more than just saving on your IT costs. It is about innovations that are changing the way industries run businesses. It is improving business processes and varied businesses are getting advantage from it. 10 such businesses that are using cloud technology to gain competitive […]

In today’s world, business cannot survive without information. They cannot make do without the latest of technology. Data technology is catching on pretty fast. This is because of the discovery that with plenty of data, businesses are able to make better decisions. The main challenges that businesses have when it comes to data related issues […]

We take a look at the keywords changed Google has introduced for developers who advertise via mobile apps. By Alex Viall, Mustard IT On the 31st March, Google announced the inclusion of new advertising options with their Google Display Network (GDN). According to Google, the Display Network has an outreach of two million publisher websites, […]

These days the Internet has become a pretty competitive place. Especially now, the word is out that social media networks are a great way for businesses to promote their content and newsfeeds are flooded with articles, blogs and photos that no one really wants to read. So what on earth are internet marketers and website […]

Cloud computing was introduced a decade back and the latest technology allowed convergence of data and voice on the same network. However, cloud telephony hasn’t quite taken off the way the technology enthusiasts expected it to. The biggest problem with the cloud telephony sector is that everyone finds the concept interesting but no one finds […]

When it comes to the best eCommerce platform in present times, Magento is the name that all hail. This open-source eCommerce platform has many awesome features that are user-friendly. Till date no other platform has been able to offer that much of flexibility in offering a great aesthetic appeal and high functionality to an eCommerce […]