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Alienware and Dell introduced gaming PC based on Linux Alienware, a division of Dell, specialized in manufacturing high-end PC for gamers, has presented the first model of a gaming computer, comes preloaded with Linux. Model Alienware X51 is available in complete co specially adapted distribution Ubuntu 12.04, which are pre-fresh NVIDIA proprietary drivers and provided […]

Project Ouya, gathered on Kickstarter for more than eight and a half million dollars to develop a game console based on the Android platform 4, announced the transition to the final stage of testing the final product suitable for use by end users. Moreover, the developers console to confirm that the project is really open, […]

Advanced Micro Devices today presented its new graphics card high-end level and having the best performance in the series AMD Radeon. As said in AMD, new Radeon 7990 graphics chips have dual GPU thus show an increase in performance while maintaining the physical size of chips. General manager of AMD Graphics Business Unit said that […]

In Irrational Games holiday today, because today they are celebrating the enchanting out BioShock Infinite. The company can be proud of, as this game will bring them not only a handsome profit, but also attract a lot of new fans to the other studio projects. At this point, according to the resource Metacritic, the game […]

Saw the release of the distribution OpenELEC 3.0 (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center), designed to create a home theater (HTPC – Home Theatre PC). The basis used in the media center XBMC, which has a rich functionality and supports empowerment and connecting accessories. Size of the system image suitable for booting from USB-drive or SD-card […]

TechPowerUp company announced the availability of a new version of GPU-Z 0.6.9. This useful tool is designed to collect and display the complete information about the video card installed on your computer. The program supports chipsets from leading manufacturers NVIDIA and ATI, and allows the user in a matter of seconds to get the necessary […]

PlayStation 4: Part Two – Games At the heart of the new Japanese toy is an 8-core AMD x86-64 processor generation Jaguar, which will replace the outdated Cell. The same system will be an additional co-processor, which will deal with the processing of data associated with uploading games, streaming, social elements, which we will discuss […]

The new version of the product MediaPortal 1.3.0 for the operating system Windows. Is an open source software turns your home computer into a full-fledged media center. Users will be able to arrange convenient access to your digital music library and Internet radio stations, and also will have everything you need for comfortable viewing of […]

Kali Linux, Successor of the BackTrack Penetration Testing Distro. The authors BackTrack presented Kali Linux 1.0, a new distribution for security checks of operating system. Offensive Security company introduced a new distribution for security research of the system – Kali Linux, which replaced the earlier developing project BackTrack Linux and released instead of the expected […]

Game Tomb Raider – the creation of the studio masters Crystal Dynamics, who created the popular series of games about Lara Croft – young and beautiful the researcher secret caves, marine debris and mythical ancient temples. Once again, this, still young but bold and courageous person goes in search of adventure, mystery and discovery. Ship, […]