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Microsoft has released a study (PDF, 700 KB) system power consumption using popular web-browsers on Windows 8. The estimation was made by measuring the energy consumption at the opening on the laptop and the desktop model scenarios with the popular web-resources, such as YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Amazone, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, etc. The result is made, […]

Arch Linux distribution is carried out the transfer of all the executable files in / usr / bin Arch Linux developers have warned users about the need for manual intervention in the next update distribution. When you upgrade, users will see an error due to a conflict of directories due to the transfer of all […]

After years of development before it the third release of Linux-distribution Mageia, in which an independent community of enthusiasts is developing a fork of the project Mandriva. Available for download 32 – and 64-bit DVD-assembly (3.7 Gb), the universal CD-assembly (699 MB), minimalistic image for network installation (40 MB) and set LiveCD-and LiveDVD-assemblies at the […]

The administration of Extremadura, an autonomous region of Spain, starts the process of transfer to the Linux and free software jobs in government, which is currently used Windows. It is planned to move to Linux about 40,000 computers, and for most of the systems migration plan to complete before the end of the year. According […]

Mozilla TowTruck project integrates collaboration tools for any website. This works regardless of physical location, network or provider used. The developers of the Mozilla Labs began testing a new service that allows easy integration to any website tools for collaboration and interaction between users in real-time. Connecting only one JavaScript-module any site can be turned […]

Canonical has published technical specifications of the new Ubuntu 13.04 At week Canonical released the technical details of the new distribution Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail, which is expected to release on April 25. Simultaneously with the light will go out and the other Ubuntu-satellite projects, such as Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, UbuntuKylin, Ubuntu Cloud, Ubuntu Studio, […]

The final beta version of Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Available for testing. The official release, scheduled on April 25. Presented beta version marked the preparation of test setup iso-images of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server, which were formed only for daily builds, intermediate alpha and beta builds were canceled. Also, formed the first test build of […]

The company O&O Software has announced a new version of the product SafeErase 6.0. With this application, users do not have to doubt that the information stored on disks confidential information removed permanently and can not be restored. File shredder O&O SafeErase supports several common methods of removing information from a quick and simple trick […]

Mozilla in partnership with Epic Games completed porting the game engine Unreal Engine 3 to run in the browser as a web-application. As previously reported ports Unigine engine and 3D game engine to BananaBread Sauerbraten, Unreal work in the browser is based on the use of compiler Emscripten, converting code projects in C / C […]

Released a new experimental production of http-server nginx 1.3.15, remarkable integration module ngx_http_spdy_module with implementations of SPDY. Other changes noted adding directives image_filter_interlace, limit_req_status and limit_conn_status, as well as providing a mail proxy server with IPv6-backend. Protocol SPDY, which advances to be incorporated in a future standard HTTP/2.0, was designed specifically to minimize the delay […]