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Modern web stands on several major technologies – HTML for page structures, CSS – for styling and visual design, JavaScript and PHP – for interactivity and functionality of web-services. While PHP code is server-side scripting, used in major cases for data management, you can do a lot inside the visitors’ browser with the help of […]

Not so long ago, was presented a beta version of the tool web-design WordPress 3.6. At the moment, has become available and the official release (WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”), which, compared to the previous release, offers 729 fixes and improvements. Recall that WordPress is a solution for the administration of the sites. The program is open […]

Following the release of the broadcasting Chromecast device, Google introduced tools for developers focused on creating software for the devices. Recall that Chromecast designed for streaming online broadcast from your computer (tablet or smartphone) on the TV. Currently Chromecast focused primarily on the transfer of videos from YouTube and Google Play. According to the documentation […]

Kingsoft Office English-Language Website: Kingsoft / WPS Office, developed in China, office suite for Linux International website of community of users of the project’s Kingsoft Office (also known as WPS Office), under which the Chinese developers develops analog office suite MS Office, written in Qt and aimed to work in Linux has been launched. The […]

Release web-browser Chrome 28 with the increase of minimum requirements for the Linux-based system The browser is built on the code base open source project Chromium and characterized by using the logos of Google, built-in Flash and PDF, the presence of notification in the event of failure, the system automatically updates and transmission when looking […]

Project Mozilla, which celebrates its fifteenth anniversary these days, formally introduced release web-browser Firefox 20, and a mobile version of Firefox 20 for Android. In the next few days in beta testing, will branch Firefox 21, and will be separated aurora-branch Firefox 22. According to the six-week development cycle, Firefox 21 release is scheduled for […]

JetBrains WebStorm 6.0 – all innovations of web development in one integrated environment. JetBrains company released a new version of its integrated tools for developing web-based applications, called WebStorm 6.0. The main task of this release – provide web developers with all the latest technology in the field for use in everyday tasks. For example, […]

The release of the free web-browser QupZilla 1.4.0, built based on Qt and WebKit After 6 months of development before release multiplatform web-browser QupZilla 1.4.0, built using Qt and the browser engine WebKit (QtWebKit). The main goal of the project is to create QupZilla full browser that supports best features Firefox, Opera and Chrome, but […]

The pace of technological advancement is increasing rapidly these days. Companies that cannot keep up with the increasing demands of their businesses in terms of technological tools, might be left behind by their major competitors. Of course, for their business to continue expanding, entrepreneurs need to adapt to the new trends in technology that their […]

Every matter around us is made up of atoms, even designs are comprised of the atoms. Atomic design concept is as simple as that, evolution in the design process with improved approach and experimenting different visual designs. It is the revisit to play around our design frameworks. The methodology in the atomic design breaks down […]