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For tech savvy phone lovers 2013 has been quite a treat. Ranging from the waterproof Sony phones to the ultra-light sleek iPhone, there has been innovation which kept everyone dwelled into what’s coming up next. Masters of the industry are busy doing excellent research and innovative products just to keep the competition bar raised high […]

Smartphone DNA Testing

If you thought that DNA testing was the preserve of criminal investigations, laboratories and downmarket TV talk shows, you could be in for a surprise; new developments in the world of DNA testing are making it possible that one day we’ll be able to carry out our own genetic research on a smart phone. Remember […]

Aiseesoft transfer software perfectly supports the last iOS 7, iPhone 5s/5c and the lastest iTunes. The IOS 7 maybe new, but not new enough that it can’t be supported.iPad and iPhone 5s/5C and the lastest iTunes users can have no greater friend than Aiseesoft this early in the game. Once again Aiseesoft has moved to […]

Motorola Mobility today updated its line of Droid smartphones, announcing three new models, including the flagship device Droid Ultra, which is still to be sold only in the United States and will be available through the Verizon Wireless operator only. As described by Motorola, Droid Ultra has a 5-inch screen and a thickness of only […]

Although the internet is a great source of education for children, it is the basic responsibility of parents to ensure that they do not misuse it. It is not uncommon for minors to get carried away with unwanted things, which could easily land them up into trouble. If the kids are at home, their parents […]

Internet business websites are continuously moving upwards and developing quickly while generating an immense amount of profit. So this is the time for entrepreneurs if you are one of them, then take advantage of this lucky break because the upcoming years are about to get much better as per experts. As indicated by research, the […]

When we talk about web development, WordPress is above all CMS. 27% of the web is fueled by WordPress and best brands, for example, TechCrunch, CNN, and UPS utilize it. Actually, TheeDesign utilizes WordPress exclusively for all our web design and web development clients. It’s user-friendly which makes it simple for beginner website directors to […]

In order to use the internet for computing activity, the cloud computing is the best choice. If you are willing to have a proper business environment then you must need IT which enabled all the devices in order to make connectivity. On the other hand, the stuff like data applications, security and networking and many […]

As a parent, how many times have you been driven crazy with envy whenever you watched Harry Potter with your child and have seen the Marauder’s Mao come up on the screen? How many times have you wished that you could have a map just like that one at your disposal – A map that […]

There just seems to be no end to the advancements that the ongoing tech revolution has been bringing upon mankind. You can expect to see more automation, but even more importantly, more connection, which will push our daily lives into something that used to be incomprehensible a mere decade ago. Here, we’ve outlined a number […]