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Microsoft provided an updated Office 365 for businesses. The new Office 365 is available in 69 countries. In the second quarter of 2013, to release a version for another 20 countries, the company said today. In addition to improved solutions Microsoft Lync Online, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, business users now have access to the […]

The online betting market is expected to 100 Bn USD in the next 5 years time. (Source: Online betting can be a very lucrative business, but to succeed you need some experience and know-how to make a major profit. To be successful in online betting, you’ll need reliable online betting software. In the online […]

Software consulting as a type of managed Information Technology (IT) services is becoming the norm for business owners and managers. Rather than having to deal with software or IT issues, business owners prefer to focus on the core aspect of their business. Just as there are a few basic tech support aspects that every small […]

In an effort to build brand awareness and increase sales, a business owner will employ all kinds of marketing techniques. Those are designed to attract people and persuade them to trust your particular business and by your products and services. That’s definitely not an easy task, meaning that your technique will have to be spotless […]

In the digital age, businesses must be using the best tech and software available to them. It will help them function better as a business, stay relevant, and make managing workloads a lot easier. However, it can also be easy to get overwhelmed by what you need to have in place at your company, especially […]

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to own a business. You have a lot of responsibilities and obligations that you have to take care of. Plus, you have to protect the reputation of the company. No one will want to invest in you if you don’t show them a good reason to. Any […]

In the modern era of remote working, globalized commerce, and multinational corporations, communication is key to success. Whether your business is big or small, getting through to your clients, customers and colleagues is one of the most important parts of your day, and you need a technology that can support you in your communications, whether […]

Everyone wants to get on to the app bandwagon. For some, the reason is that apps can be money-spinners. For businesses, apps are proving to be better than websites insofar as nearly half of the world’s population uses mobiles and most such users spend at least an hour or so on using various apps. Technology-wise, […]

Few businesses were prepared to be thrust into a situation where you suddenly had to support remote work as a business continuity strategy because of COVID-19. It’s likely that you experienced significant downtime and limited services — which ultimately impacted your customers. You may now be seeing a more positive side of this change, as […]

Servers are used to provide services and functionality to individual computers within a network. Even a single user can benefit from the efficiency and security of a server, whereas small and medium-sized businesses can greatly improve their workflow. A solid IT environment, with a Dell or HP server as the foundation, is a popular choice […]