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Bitdefender has released the first beta version of the flagship product – Bitdefender Total Security 2014. Despite the fact that the new anti-virus product does not implement any revolutionary solutions, it contains many additions and improvements. Start beta-testing Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Beta. Bitdefender focuses on the new “adaptive scanning technology“, which significantly improves the […]

The presented stable release 4MLinux 11.0 of the minimalist user’s distribution, not an offshoot of other projects and using the graphical environment based on JWM. 4MLinux can be used as a Live-environment for video playback and solutions custom tasks, so as to recover from system failures. The size of the universal assembly is 389Mb, and […]

Despite the fact that Android currently accounts for the majority of the smartphone and mobile device market share in the world, developers have been slow to move towards the Android platform. The majority of applications are pumped into iOS first and Android second, but there are some very persuasive reasons why Android developers should not […]

A developing technology The use of mobile phones to connect to the Web is over twenty years old, just a year older than the Web itself, but the danger of threats to one’s identity and personal computer files from online by viruses and malware have only recently begun to be understood, and similar threats to […]

The company ESET, said that experts the antivirus laboratory ESET discovered spam using the tragedy in Boston to spread malware Win32/Kelihos. In phishing emails that are sent by hackers, contained an invitation to view the video, which captures the explosion during a marathon in Boston. Following the link in this letter, the user actually gets […]

ESET NOD32 File Security – a new solution for file server protection ESET company released a new product for File Servers – ESET NOD32 File Security, which is already available for purchase. Solutions ESET NOD32 File Security designed to protect file servers running under Windows, Linux / BSD / Solaris. ESET NOD32 File Security for […]

Basic computer security suite with Antivirus ESET NOD32 START PACK The company ESET has released a new solution for home users on 1 PC for 1 year – ESET NOD32 START PACK. New antivirus ESET includes basic features to protect your computer and provides the user can at any time carry out operations with a […]

This software solution is developed by ESET, which is one of the leaders in the field of the protection of your information. ESET is the first antivirus company, which was used in their products technology ThreatSense ®. At the core of this technology is a powerful mechanism evresticheskogo analysis, which can detect threats, are not […]

The company GFI Software has just released a report VIPRE for January 2013. The study mainly focused on cyber-attacks that damage the lives of users of popular social networks Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. In general, the data show, the attack is made to fool the people and pull out their money. Among the most interesting […]

Latest IT Security News Researchers warn about distribution of a set of the Whitehole exploits According to Trend Micro, an antivirus company experts have found a new set of exploits that can avoid detection by anti-virus solutions, as well as blocking of the service Google Safe Browsing. The experts also noted that the functional Whitehole […]