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Samsung Electronics presented its new tablet Ativ Q, which stands out among the bulk of the currently existing on the market of such gadgets. The illustrated device has a dual boot system and can operate on the basis of Android, and Windows 8. Device itself is quite large – it has a 13.3-inch screen, and […]

Microsoft has devoted a section of the official website of the Windows Upgrade Windows 8.1, placing it about its basic functions and features. According to published information, the basic task of Windows 8.1 is to improve the functions required employees of different companies and businesses, “We have created a Windows 8 to the professionals had the […]

Microsoft will add to Windows 8.1 features for corporate customers Microsoft Corp. will include the modification of its operating system Windows 8.1, which will be released before the end of this year, a number of new features targeted for use in organizations, according to the corporate blog of Microsoft. Much of the innovation aimed at […]

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of Halo for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, that is, in the near future the game will appear on tablets and mobile devices. One of the most successful, famous and stunning series of first-person shooters – Halo – returns to its original platform. Yes, we’re talking about Halo for […]

In recent years, Microsoft focuses on non-standard methods of information protection. As you know, Windows 8, there is a graphical password, and PIN. Another promising area is the controller Kinect – in the future he will be able to recognize faces and scan the retina. The operating system Windows 8.1 will support integrated fingerprint reader, […]

Microsoft Inc., worried the release of his first update to the operating system, Windows 8, has already submitted earlier list included changes that affect mostly on the appearance of the OS and the tile interface. At this time, the company announced the functional features of Windows 8.1, one of which will be to support standard […]

How to Speed Windows 8 – 7 Best Video Tutorials. Here you can quickly see how to speed up your PC with operating system Windows 8. In this 7 fast software video tutorials you will see amazing computer performance increase and shorten start up time and boot up time. Do these things and speed your […]

Thinix Company has released a new free version of the product RetroUI Free. This is a useful application returns to the interface of Windows 8, the usual “Start” button, and lets get to the desktop immediately after the computer without going through the innovative “Start screen”. In its users who have chosen RetroUI, will be […]

Despite the fact that Windows 8 has already received a lot of poking at the back of the critics, bloggers and journalists, the ability of the OS and its followers Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue, are largely underestimated. Such a conclusion was Justin Angel, a former programmer and Nokia is one of the founders of […]

Intel Corporation in collaboration with Google and Microsoft is working on a new generation of low cost mobile devices that are to appear on the market since the third quarter of this year. This week, commenting on the quarterly results of Intel, the head of the company, Otellini said that the most low cost devices […]