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A group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new technology called Wi-Vi, which allows you to track the movement of objects through walls. New product uses inexpensive radio transmitters which can be found virtually everywhere. At MIT say the new sensors Wi-Vi in the future can be embedded in smart […]

Klaus Knopper has presented a new version of KNOPPIX 7.2, one of the first distributions supporting work in the Live-mode. The distribution is based on the original set of boot scripts and includes packages that are imported from Debian Wheezy, with inserts of the branches of Debian “testing” and “unstable”. Is available for download assembly […]

Samsung today announced that its new tablet Galaxy Tab 3 will exist in three variations. Samsung has presented prices for Tab 3 for only U.S.. New 7-inch tablet will cost $ 199, 8-inch – $ 299, 10.1-inch – $ 399. The company says that offer a wide range of tablets that consumers have more choices […]

Microsoft introduced the release of Skype 4.2 for Linux. Opportunities for the Linux version are close to the functionality of Skype for other platforms, such as the accessibility of the conference call, call forwarding, sending SMS to mobile phones, the organization of joint access to the desktop, making calls to landline numbers, you make a […]

Hackers from Hak5 group in far 2008 developed a “espionage” Access Point which was intercepted on itself all WiFi-connections around. Technically, this is was accomplished by a positive answer to absolutely everything identification requests WiFi Beacon Frames. If the laptop was looking for an SSID of Starbucks, spyware AP says, “Thats Me!” if he is […]

Korean Samsung Electronics today officially announced its new Internet tablet Galaxy Tab 3, 7-inch device that directly competes with Apple iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle or Google Nexus 7. The company said that the Galaxy Tab 3 has a fairly average by today’s standards specifications. However, the company did not report on the cost of device. […]

Production of mobile phones on the new open platform Firefox OS announced large company ZTE, Alcatel, LG, Huawei and Sony, but the laurels of the release of the first Firefox OS phone will go not to them, but a little-known Spanish company Geeksphone. A small Spanish company Geeksphone today starts selling the first two of […]

Microsoft Corp. today announced a software update for Internet tablets Surface RT and Surface Pro. According to statements by Microsoft, April cumulative update focuses mainly on WiFi. In tablet Surface RT Corporation has removed “some limits” on WiFi-connection, and also allowed the tablets to work with multiple WiFi access points at once. Here was eliminated […]

Project Ouya, gathered on Kickstarter for more than eight and a half million dollars to develop a game console based on the Android platform 4, announced the transition to the final stage of testing the final product suitable for use by end users. Moreover, the developers console to confirm that the project is really open, […]

Saw the release distribution Scientific Linux 6.4, built on packet-based Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 and supplemented with funds focused on the use of scientific institutions. Distribution available for the i386 and x86_64, is available for download multiple assemblies: installation DVD (3.4 GB), a full set of two DVD (4.2 GB + 420 MB) and […]