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I would like to thank IT News Today for posting this guest article. They’ve posted a great number of articles which I’ve found incredibly useful and informative. In particular, I would like to direct readers to this article on getting files out of your mobile device. Out of all of the types of malware out […]

HP Omen 15-5116TX: Laptop loaded with Bang & Olufsen technology powered speakers, which create ideal environment for gaming After three years of absence from the gaming-centric laptop arena, HP in November last year got back in the scene with the Omen notebook. The HP Omen 15-5116TX is being called the personal computer manufacturer’s first true-gaming […]

A busy life forces you to spend more time with your hand held devices, right? After all, who wants to go and sit in front of a 50 inch TV when you can just watch the same video on your tablet or phone? The advantage is that if you get a call, your tablet can […]

“First steps in Linux Mint” – this is a continuation of our article “Easy replacement for Windows XP part 1”. XFCE desktop should run flawlessly with the old hardware. Once logged in, you will see displayed a fairly simple desktop. XP users can quickly orient themselves. Located at the bottom of the Taskbar is the […]

Want to take beautiful photos? Read on to see which camera is best for you. It seems that with the rise of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, people are getting into photography more and taking shots until they get the perfect picture. If you want to pursue photography, or if you just want something to […]

This article discusses why there are a lot of people who find that their mobile broadband data is being eaten before they seem to have the chance to enjoy it. There are a lot of people who find that their mobile broadband data is being eaten before they seem to have the chance to enjoy […]

If you’re looking for a relatively cheap smart phone that looks good and performs quite well, you can’t go wrong with the Xperia U. Way back in 2012 Sony released their much-awaited Xperia U, and it was yet another model that Sony enthusiasts were keen to get their hands on. The smooth design and clean […]

I’ve mentioned quite a few times about U.S. National Security Agency, showing you that NSA has access to data on all popular smartphones and their impact on the IPSEC and international standards. Because one of my latest article “5 Tips To Keep Your Android Data Private” was received very well, I decided to publish this article that will show you […]

The Top Tablets For Your Kids

Choosing a tablet as a present for your kid? Excellent idea! A tablet is great to do loads of things on the move. Your kid will appreciate a new world of creative activities and hobbies to enjoy either alone or with friends. 1. Lexibook Junior Tablet This is a marvelous gadget to educate your kids […]

You may be aware that the Android platform is the most targeted phone system in the world for malware and viruses. This being true, there are steps you can take to ensure that your sensitive information remains safe and secure. As long as you are conscientious about your activities, you should be able to cut […]