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About Free Wi-Fi

I often travel and a search of the working Wi-Fi often turns to the boring quest. Endless faults appear with numerous hot-spots. Sometimes, it seems that the normal Internet is a very high requirement for the hotel/café. And nothing can be done with such problem, however there are several life-hacks which may be helpful in […]

Today, NetApp announced a new solution NetApp Connect, designed for fast mobile access to data stored in the NetApp storage. The decision established on the basis of technology, NetApp acquired the company ionGrid, integrates with NetApp environment without the need for complex setup a VPN or a refresher authentication. Also, all data remains in the […]

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) – is the standard on the equipment for the broadband radio communication intended for the organization of the local wireless networks (Wireless LAN). Wireless security should be given special consideration. Because wi-fi is a wireless network and, moreover, with a large range. Accordingly, an attacker can intercept information, or to attack your […]