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Red Hat Software Collections 1.0 beta released Red Hat has started beta testing the product Red Hat Software Collections, allowing the use of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and the development of new technology components of web-stack without waiting for the next branch RHEL and installing third-party packages from unofficial external sources. Red Hat […]

At the conference Google I / O 2013 developer of the popular Android mobile platform provided a number of interesting new features. Interestingly, the new version of Android has not been announced, but it is already possible to judge some of the changes people are waiting till the end of this year. While on the […]

Participants authoritative forum XDA Developers, on mobile devices, today announced a new discovery. User under the pseudonym ‘alephzain’ said discovered a vulnerability in several devices Samsung, and this vulnerability opens the application access to all physical memory. The danger is very serious: attackers can use a malicious application for data destruction and conversion of the […]