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Some few years ago, companies who wanted to stay in communication with partners and clients had to fly their managers and decision makers to distant locations for meetings. But current business trends have made things very easy with the exponential development of effective web communication tools. Every serious business owner or company wants to get […]

In tough economic times, almost every business organization has realized the importance of adapting to changing trends and consumer feedback. Thus, regular interaction with people responsible for a company’s success is necessary. About twenty years ago, regular interactions were only possible when managers hopped from one office to another. This was not only time consuming, […]

U.S. hacker Kristian Erik Hermansen mailing list Noisebridge shared the experience of finding “under the hood” of U.S. intelligence services. This is a rare but very valuable experience. Christian told what were the indicators of the ongoing effects of surveillance. At least, it was in his case. For example, U.S. surveillance of the secret services […]

Software consulting as a type of managed Information Technology (IT) services is becoming the norm for business owners and managers. Rather than having to deal with software or IT issues, business owners prefer to focus on the core aspect of their business. Just as there are a few basic tech support aspects that every small […]

Microsoft recently introduced its new web browser that is based on the open-source Chromium engine from Google. Even though it is fairly new, the browser has lots of interesting features. There are plenty of reasons to switch to the new Microsoft Edge browser. Austin IT Services professional Jason Simons with ICS shares some of the […]

As schools and offices shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become necessary to take advantage of remote working and studying. While it is essential for workers and students to move online, the risk for cybercrime has increased significantly. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for cybercriminals, and they refuse to let it […]

In today’s increasingly digital business world, the biggest threats to companies don’t always come from competitors or economic forces. Sometimes the biggest threat to your firm comes from the tools you use to build your business. Computer viruses cost companies about $55 billion a year. If you don’t take precautions, a hostile intrusion into your […]

Failing to make digital security and data integrity a paramount concern is a common mistake that could end up costing businesses a great deal. When it comes to running a successful business data security is essential. Recent reports indicate that as many as 40 percent of companies may have suffered a data breach at some […]

A compromise of your computer network is very often a confusing experience. Aside from the fact you can’t actually see where and how your property was tampered with or stolen, the possibility you did your best to secure your systems and still lost data can be unnerving. So what should you do in the immediate […]

Center of Excellence (CoE) is created in organizations to build capabilities that deliver value for businesses and promotes a culture of knowledge management within the organization. CoEs are also called centers of expertise depending on the focus and scope of business. The focus areas of CtrlS data centers include enterprise information management, data integration, storage, […]