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After six months of development represented release DragonFlyBSD 3.4, of the operating system with a hybrid kernel, created in 2003 with the aim of alternative development branch of FreeBSD 4.x. Of the features of DragonFly BSD is possible to allocate distributed versioned filesystem HAMMER, boot support “virtual” cores of the system as a user process, […]

Has been released compiler for the language Python – Nuitka 0.4.2, allows you to broadcast a Python script to a view on the C + +, which can be compiled into an executable file that uses libpython to ensure maximum compatibility with CPython (CPython used standard tools to control objects). To compile a library and […]

Brian Behlendorf, who gained fame as the creator of http-server Apache, introduced the release of the module for the Linux kernel with support for ZFS – ZFSonLinux 0.6.1. Despite the unsightly version number, release 0.6.1 incorporates the results of the testing and development over the past two years and marked the stabilization of the code […]

Presented release Cairo-Dock 3.2, visually rich panel for launching programs, are used to organize the output library Cairo. Cairo-Dock can run on any hardware, any window manager, integrating with most desktop environments, including acting as a replacement or supplement to the Unity, Gnome-Shell, Xfce-panel and KDE-panel. On modern systems use OpenGL and modern visual effects, […]

Release of free office suite Calligra 2.6, marked a shift in the development cycle is synchronized with the KDE release engineering. This is the third stable release from the development branch of the KOffice project in December 2010. The base uses a format Open Document (ODF). Ready binaries produced for Arch Linux, Fedora, FreeBSD, openSUSE, […]

Available Release FreeNAS 8.3.1, the distribution for the rapid deployment of network-attached storage (NAS, Network-Attached Storage). The distribution is based on the code base FreeBSD, ZFS is different integrated support and is fully configurable through a web interface, built using Python-framework Django. To provide access to the repository maintained by FTP, NFS, Samba, AFP, rsync […]

XBMC development team presented to the public a new version of its eponymous product XBMC 12.1 FINAL, cross-platform media center software with open source. XBMC product allows users to organize, access to personal collections of media files on the PC hard disk, optical disk or network storage, and provides everything you need to play multimedia […]

Two months later, after considerable production represented 12.0 Update Open Media Center XBMC 12.1, much of which was an adjustment in nature and address the identified problems in the operation. Finished installation packages are available for Mac OS X (x86, PPC), FreeBSD, Linux (ARM, PPC, x86, and x86-64), Android, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Apple TV, and […]

Releasd of tools to work with SMART-information – Smartmontools 6.1 The new version of the package smartmontools (6.1), containing the application (smartctl and smartd) to monitor and control (S) ATA and SCSI / SAS drives enabled for SMART. The main changes implemented since the release of 6.0: Support for SCSI: new options -s/-g wcace / […]

Presented OpenSMTPD 5.3, the first stable release of SMTP-server from OpenBSD project. Mail server OpenSMTPD 5.3, is developing under the auspices of the OpenBSD project, and aims to build a safe and easy replacement of Sendmail. According to the developers, the project can be considered as stable – OpenSMTPD 5.3 is the first release officially […]