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Although ‘the cloud’ is a universal expression that involves a large number of connected through a real time communication network, it can be split down into three separate clouds; Public, Private and Hybrid. The Public Cloud, like the UK’s very ‘The Cloud’, is called a ‘Public cloud’ when the services are rendered over a network […]

With the latest trends in cloud computing and its forecasted evolution, it seems the next hurdle is finding a way to create an ecosystem that includes all disparate cloud computing providers. This ecosystem needs to find a way of fitting into the existing IT infrastructure of an organisation. The magnitude of the task is put […]

Security in cloud hosting terms indirectly addresses availability, confidentiality and integrity. Security is one single aspect that can cause the undoing of cloud hosting. As it is entirely integrated with the internet, it inevitably faces loads of challenges and vulnerabilities. Most importantly, it is in the hands of the cloud hosting providers to calmly deal […]

Canonical is constantly on the try to make the actual Ubuntu server release faster and more flexible in cloud environments. The most recent edition of the Linux distribution, which is to be available for downloading October 17, includes a faster installation software in addition to an up to date compact package technological innovation that can […]

A study conducted at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, found that half of the income of partners, profit growth and business related to the “cloud” technology. According to IDC, there have been significant changes in relation to the innovative approach of software: so many companies now prefer to keep their system resources in […]

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.2: personal data protection, parental control and multi-boot disk Spanish developer of anti-virus protection, the company Panda Security, has announced a update to its free cloud product  Panda Cloud Antivirus. Version 2.2 adds a number of useful antivirus tools, including protection against data theft when infected by malicious software and parental […]

Saw the release of a cloud platform Apache CloudStack 4.1, the first major release after the transfer of the platform in the discharge of the primary projects of the Apache. Installation packages are prepared for RHEL / CentOS and Ubuntu. CloudStack platform has been donated to Apache by Citrix, which won the project after its […]

Followed by Google and Facebook, iPhone maker also introduces a system of two-factor authentication for their online services. While the two-step authentication is implemented for the service iCloud. As described in the Apple, the implementation of this task is to prevent the use of iCloud-data with unauthorized devices. In addition, the presence of systems to […]

Presented Release of the project ownCloud 5, in which the organization is developing a system for storage, synchronization and data exchange, hosted on external servers. From similar services such as Google Docs, Dropbox,, and Ubuntu One system differs ownCloud providing users full control over their data – the information is not tied to external […]

British company Boston Limited today announced the launch of a service that will allow porting code written for architecture x86, computers with ARM-processors. Application developers who should be the main customers of the new service will be able to run and test your customized applications without buying ARM-servers. Despite the growing interest in the ARM-processors […]