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Mobile Spy: a look from the inside

Unquestionably, each parent is willing to know the truth about his child; selfsame, each business owner is interested in making the business work efficiently and honestly. Enjoy the fruits of the latest technological advances gathered under one roof: Mobile Spy assists you with data tracking and helps to get rid of dozens of acute issues of the day.

Make use of a 25% discount hot deal to acquire a bunch of powerful tracking features:

  • Mobile Spy represents a stealth mobile tracking system, allowing you to secretly monitor all the actions carried out by the owner of the device.
  • A clever app allows secretly take photos and track the device’s location in real time.
  • You will never have to puzzle over business information leakages due to an ability to inspect SMS messages and view call information.
  • The application can be configured to track locations via GPS at custom set intervals.
  • Mobile Spy enables to receive video files and photos made using the device.
  • Another juicy feature to underline is an ability to track logs online.


Mobile Spy is also appreciated by a vast legion of fans due to its compatibility aspects: therefore, the application works perfectly with the largest operating systems, including iOs, Windows Phone, Android and Symbian; plus you can always double-check whether the smartphone you would like to track is compatible with tracking software on the official website.

Storing the data online

Once you install the application on a smartphone, it remains hidden, processing the device’s data and transferring it to the app’s server. Therefore, even if a mobile device carrier deletes an SMS or a screenshot, you will still be able to view it online. The server is thoroughly protected, so you can be sure that the information won’t be stolen.


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