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Definitely, the success of a business depends on a sweeping variety of aspects; however, the level of productivity is, perhaps, one of the key items that determine development speed and pace.

Despite a numerous number of benefits the latest technological advances and automation in particular grant, human factor remains the core component an open-minded businessman and progressionist will always dedicate close attention to.Adding employee network monitoring software to your management arsenal is an absolutely reasonable decision for tuning your business to top performance. Take advantage of installing Net Spy Pro, a brilliant monitoring app to ensure an unsurpassed productivity level by eliminating time-wasting processes and organizing healthy discipline. Moreover, you can use an absolutely free promotional coupon code to get a 25% discount.

Make use of a hot deal by to save your hard earned money! logoNet Spy Pro from Retina-X Studios: Discount options offers a stunning chance to cut down the price of the app by turning to account a special promo code. Therefore, the portal allows you to save 25% on any license from 1 to 250 computers. Net Spy Pro promotion – choose a license and save money today:

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The guts of Net Spy Pro

This smart application enables taking control and monitoring the activity of the user remotely; it’s a totally safe and easy way to assess the efficiency level of a particular employee. A clever Net Spy Pro allows tracking the data in real time directly from your laptop.

This piece of software provides you with comprehensive information on what this or that user is currently interacting with, plus it gives a chance to view logs and make informed judgments. Puzzling over missed deadlines? Looking to know the truth about whether your employees are really working hard? Make use of a revolutionary application by Retina Solutions, a truly powerful solution to diagnose your business productivity and improve the performance. Originally, the license costs $249.97, but you can easily cut down your expenses by applying a 25% discount kindly provided by resource. Let the productiveness grow – order a Net Spy Pro license for up to 5 computers at a reduced price right away!

The panacea to enjoy

Mentioned below is the list of features you capitalize on within the first weeks of use. Appreciated by thousands of rational business owners, team leaders, HR managers and quality assessment agency, you will certainly find a bunch of brand-new approaches to integrate in your business processes.

Take screenshots, view keystrokes and user history – with an extremely efficient software you will find out the weakest links in a business chain quickly and easily. The software comes with a nice set of administrative tools that includes:

  • Ability to lock the system
  • Adjust a broad variety of settings
  • Inspect the hard drive’s content
  • Run/close processes

In addition, the application allows setting alerts and blocking chat messengers; but what is even more important, Net Spy Pro is absolutely easy to use – a well thought-out design in conjunction with a user-friendly interface won’t certainly leave you indifferent.

Net Spy Pro

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