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Broadband TV

It is an exciting time to be a consumer of technology. As consumers today we should be aware of the increasing opportunities online.

Most of us already search for jobs online, if we don’t then we should. If we aren’t using eBay and Amazon on at Christmas, then we probably should. If we aren’t watching movies through a broadband then again we probably should.

The Internet has certainly changed consumer behaviour. We now spend more time online than ever before. The way in which we get online has also changed. We spend more time now than ever on our smartphones and tablet, as well as on our laptops and desktops. Continue reading

Amazon Desktop Virtualization

Amazon competes with traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions providers by introducing its own virtual desktop computing service.

These days, more and more companies prefer to access their corporate resources without a hitch. This is the reason desktop virtualization is starting to gain traction among tech-savvy businesses. For those of you who are not aware, desktop virtualization is a technology that sets computer desktop environment and physical computer apart from each other.

This computing model allows the virtualized desktop to be hosted in a remote central server rather than storing it in the hard drive of a local personal computer. Simply put, end users can interact with a virtual desktop the same way they do with a physical desktop. The only difference is that desktop virtualization allows remote log in, thereby offering better mobility. Continue reading

Hybrid Cloud

Although ‘the cloud’ is a universal expression that involves a large number of connected through a real time communication network, it can be split down into three separate clouds; Public, Private and Hybrid.

The Public Cloud, like the UK’s very ‘The Cloud’, is called a ‘Public cloud’ when the services are rendered over a network that is open for public use and is currently being used by 39% of people using the cloud. 34% are using the Private Cloud, which is mainly used by businesses so share work and workloads between employees. Finally there is the Hybrid, currently used by 27% which is the best of both clouds, Hybrid cloud provides the flexibility of in house applications with the fault tolerance and scalability of cloud based services.

In 5 years’ time however this will not be the case, with both the Public cloud and the Private cloud expected to decline to 32% and 25% respectively and the Hybrid cloud to rise to 43%, due to the majority of people needing to have both the best aspects of both the public and private clouds. Continue reading

Computer HelpConsiderations When Hiring an IT Support Company

There can be a vast disparity in quality when hiring an IT consultant or IT support and this article serves as a guide to ensure you make the right choice.

Computers are the number one weapon of choice in the modern business world, and if they are not working to optimum levels and keep breaking down, it is only going to cause stress and anxiety for the business owners and decrease the levels of productivity across the board. In this day and age, that is unacceptable.

However, sometimes this isn’t the fault of dodgy equipment or negligence. Sometimes it just comes down to bad luck. Every once in a while, things do go wrong with computers and other forms of information technology. What is important is that these problems are dealt with swiftly and efficiently so that your business can continue as normal and write it off as a blip on the radar rather than a full scale catastrophe that halts productivity and causes issues within the company. Continue reading

Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel is one of the most commonly used tools for those who work in any industry where numbers need to be analysed.

This incorporates pretty much any company in the world as company directors in all industries keep tabs on their business profits. Microsoft Excel is an incredibly useful programme which allows you to analyse numerical data, make calculations, filter data, sort data, create reports and build graphs.

The benefits of Microsoft Excel certification

When used to its full potential, Microsoft Excel can be just about the most useful tool at any professional’s disposal. It’s all about understanding what functions are available and how to use them. Whether you’re already in work, a student or looking for jobs, Microsoft Excel certification can be well worth your while. By undertaking training, it is likely that you will discover just how little you knew already. Training allows you to discover all of those features, formulas and functions that you weren’t aware of and learn how to apply them in the working environment. Continue reading

EvernoteEvernote Corporation has announced a new release of Evernote 5 for Windows, which has become an important and essential in all plans for upgrade for users of the service.

Upgrade affected all the main options for the service, including the interface, visualization and editing notes , search, and a system of reminders .

Cloud tool to create notes received a redesign for the first time since the first release of Evernote on Windows platform. Evernote developers claim that the changes will help simplify the process of working with your notes. In addition to the concise appearance, getting rid of clutter on the screen, the app has gained a number of new features to quickly view relevant materials. Continue reading

NetworkedBlogsI write here about how to Get More Followers for Your Blogs, how to Link your Blog to your Facebook and Twitter, how to Promote and Generate More Traffic to Your Blogs.

NetworkedBlogs is one of the most important sources of traffic to your blog is social network.

Popular platform NetworkedBlogs, which allows bloggers to socialize their sites by adding special widgets, changed the concept. If earlier the project will focused his attention primarily on bloggers (they did it quite well: in the registered 1,000,000 thousand projects), now the focus has shifted to the ordinary reader. Continue reading

results serializationIt is no secret that the performance of web applications is highly dependent on the chosen framework.

But many are surprised at how much of a difference. If you’re using Django, Ruby on Rails and similar frameworks, the application will be about 40 times slower than selecting a faster framework. And if you choose Cake PHP, the difference increases by order.

Experts from the company TechEmpower conducted comparative testing frameworks, micro-frameworks and platforms for web development, configuring their best, but without the use of caching, placing the application on Amazon EC2 (Core i7, Ubuntu 12.04) and run a program for stress tests WeigHTTP. Then repeated the tests on a dedicated server. Continue reading

CopyCopy – this is a new web-service that will provide owners of desktop computers and mobile devices the ability to store important files in the “online”, and quickly and securely share them online.

In order to assess the functionality of the proposed solution, users simply go to the page Copy and spend a few minutes to study a minimalist interface, web-application. File you want to send, you can drag the active area of ​​the page with the mouse cursor.

The selected object will be automatically uploaded to the server, and at the end of this process Copy generates a unique link to your file, which you can publish on your page on a social network or send to selected users by e-mail or instant messengers.

The recipient must insert the resulting URL into your browser and click Download to download the file to your hard drive, smartphone, or tablet. For basic functions Copy you will not need a personal account. However, the registration site guarantees a number of advantages, such as 5 GB of space on the server and the ability to sync content with cloud storage folders on the hard disk or in memory mobile. Continue reading

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