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Siege of ColumbiaBioShock Infinite: Siege of Columbia, the strategy board game

Exit BioShock Infinite was so successful that the company Plaid Hat Games has decided to make a board game for fans of the series, and fans of card games. The Siege of Columbia will speak about the struggle between two factions: the Founders and the voice of the people, for control of the floating city Columbia. Continue reading

Tomb Raider 2013If you’ve already got tired of multiplayer Tomb Raider, from now on you will have a chance to extend its capabilities.

Today, developers announced the release of the maps package, which has two interesting and diverse locations.

Addition, called 1939, will include two new maps – Dogfight and Forest Meadow. The first card is a bunker built during the Second World War. Bunker like labyrinth, so you should be very careful in its alleys.

Forest Meadow – location for hunters, which on your way to meet a lot of open spaces. Of course, the hunt for a map handy, but do not lose vigilance, not to become a victim of another hunter. Continue reading

0 A.D. Alpha 13 MagadhaAvailable 13 Alpha release of the free play of 0 AD, which is a real-time strategy with a beautiful 3D-graphics and the gameplay is largely similar to the games in the series “Age of Empires”.

Source code of the games were opened by Wildfire Games is licensed under the GPL, after nine years of development as a proprietary product.

Assembling the game is available for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian, openSUSE, Fedora, Arch, Mageia and Rosa). The current version supports online play and a single player game with bots on pre-modeled, or dynamically generated maps. The game spans nine civilizations that existed in the range from 500 BC to 500 AD. Continue reading

Video Game ThiefThief game was officially announced a few weeks ago, and it instantly became one of the most anticipated projects.

The reason is simple – the game Thief has a lot of fans, it’s part of the old and very popular series in the genre of stealth. And today this exciting project has its first trailer.

Trailer Thief, which is poetically called “Out of the shadows,” in the best shows of the protagonist – Garrett, but, unfortunately, does not show gameplay, so at the moment we can not judge how it will look like the game itself.

However, the developers have promised to create new story lines, add the gloomy atmosphere, to remove most of the magical elements and to introduce the hero in the arsenal of new abilities.

For example, Garrett will be able to beat on the weak points of the enemy. In this case, the artificial intelligence of his opponents will also be better. Continue reading

The War ZThe War Z Databases Hacked, Personal Data (E-Mails and Passwords) Stolen

Members videogame The War Z suddenly found that their personal data had been stolen during a burglary of servers, working to advance the project. Billing information remained intact.

OP Productions company said users of hacking their databases, as well as online forums. Now the studio is conducting a study of the break-in and tries to patch up the holes in the defense security.

Attacker to gain access not only to the email-addresses of users that they used to go to the forum, as well as passwords, which according to OP Productions is encrypted. There have also been kidnapped email-addresses, which are used by users to log into the game, gaming passwords, names of the characters, and even IP-addresses from which users access to The War Z. Continue reading

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Information about the latest addition Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 appeared online.

After the release of Revolution DLC, for the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was a long pause, which would logically mean a quick emergence of new content. And it happened!

One user of the wiki-forum game series Call of Duty said that the code of the main game site was discovered artifact (background: # 000 url (‘/ content/dam/atvi/callofduty/blackops2/cod-bo2/dlc/dlc2- uprising-bg.jpg ‘) center top no-repeat ;), which clearly points to the expansion pack, entitled Uprising.

In addition, the Xbox Live came next promo text: “We offer you a new epic theme for Uprising Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which includes Studio, Vertigo and the Mob of the Dead, is considered the best work of Treyarch, dealing with zombies. ” Continue reading

Company of Heroes 2The Relic Entertainment team develops Company of Heroes 2 nearly a year, but, unfortunately, due to the change of ownership and other factors, the first stage of closed beta Company of Heroes 2 will be today, but the final version still early.

The fact is that after the official bankruptcy THQ, the rights to the game and a whole lot of Company of Heroes was bought by Sega in the auction 23 – January 24, 2013.

The first stage of this will be allowed users to pre-order the game, and after a week of alpha testers and other privileged players. Continue reading

Top Video GamesMid-spring promises to be interesting and rich for the gaming industry.

This month comes a few new games, and the April premieres will be very diverse, so that everyone can find something to their liking.

We would like to show you our list of the most anticipated games in April and invite you to choose the one you like best.

This spring started with many interesting releases and a new month again preparing us a variety of fantastic premiere.

We would like to show you the best games in April 2013, which should come very soon. Continue reading

Battlefield 4During the exhibition GDC, which was held earlier this week, the company introduced the EA trailer and gameplay of Battlefield 4.

Also, developers have told a lot about what exactly will be a new part of the series and why it will open a new era of shooters. First trailer for Battlefield 4, you can see below.

And as always, Electronic Arts managed to hit all quite beautiful paintings, both the video and the gameplay, which combines drama and a lot of action. From the video it is clear that an action game as always affect the former Soviet Union, but rather the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku. Continue reading

Intel showcase at GDC 2013

Intel introduced new tools for computer games and other multimedia applications. At the conference, GDC 2013 introduced new functionality to the platform of the future Intel HD Graphics, implemented at the level of an expanded library DirectX.

Thus, the first expansion PixelSync allows programmers to combine the hardware partially transparent pixels without having to perform expensive operations sorting. This feature allows developers to perform more realistic rendering of smoke, windows, plants and other complex geometric objects and natural phenomena.

InstantAccess extension allows you to record and read data from the physical memory or CPU integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics. Continue reading

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