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League of LegendsThe company Riot Games, developer of the world famous game League of Legends, released yesterday truly impressive cinematic video League of Legends.

Video shows us a really exciting battle of the main characters of the game. But the most surprising and worthy of special mention is how well and worked out in detail and shows every character in the video (which, by the way, creating almost a year!). Continue reading

Need For Speed: Rivals Electronic Arts May, 23, 2013 officially announced the new Need For Speed, which is called Need For Speed: Rivals.

The new part of the game, created by the studio Ghost Games in collaboration with Criterion Games, scheduled to release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (November 19, 2013) and for the next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One at the time of their release.

Need For Speed: Rivals developed and for the PC, although the official date of release for this platform yet. Continue reading

Microsoft Xbox One presentationMicrosoft corporation presented its new Xbox One console yesterday more details of which would be discussed within June E3 show in Los-Angeles.

However, not many were satisfied with stated data on the presentation. Some questions answers to which were most of all expected was left without due attention.

So, the company did not report how much would Xbox One cost while this question is important. The average price of the well packaged tablet is $500, and the lap top costs $600 – on the one hand; and Android smartphone is about $200 – on the other hand. So, the rice range of 400-500 dollars per console seems to be reasonable. However, it is obvious that Xbox One will have at least two editions: basic and premium. Continue reading

GAME ENGINES VULNERABILITIESIndependent specialists in IT security have found serious vulnerabilities in software engines of some very popular games, first person shooters.

Identified bugs allow an attacker to compromise a serveroy operators of games, and computers themselves gamers.

Security experts Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante of the company Revuln found faults in the subsystem with computer memory and the possibility to exchange buffer overflow in such developments as the CryEngine 3, Unreal Engine 3, Hydrogen Engine and id Tech 4. On the basis of these engines run games such as “Quake 4,” “Crysis 2,” “Homefront,” “Brink,” “Monday Night Combat,” “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars”, “Sanctum”, “Breach,” ” Nexuiz “and many others. Continue reading

Trailer Bioshock InfiniteOf course, you could not play the original game of Bioshock, but you’ve certainly heard about it. One of the most interesting shooter with a specific atmosphere and full-blooded plot was staying at the top of the rankings for several months in 2007.

Today we have a chance to try a new masterpiece of developers – Bioshock Infinite – a game with a completely different atmosphere and characters, but this game is for sure all the same incredible. Our review of Bioshock Infinite will introduce you to the magic of this amazing project. Continue reading

Beyond: Two soulsThis weekend, the company Quantic Dream at Tribeca Film Festival in New York, presented its new project Beyond: Two Souls.

The game creators have presented to the public not only entertaining trailer, but the 35-minute gameplay video that reveals the basic plot Beyond: Two Souls. In the trailer, which is a kind of pre-history to the game, were shown excerpts from the early childhood of the protagonist – Jody Holmes, which caused her a very difficult future. A 35-minute video gives us is a better picture of what is happening with the 15-year-old girl, with which it has to face in the fight for his life. Continue reading

Total War Rome 2Creative Assembly at last showed the full version of fight in the Teutoburg Forest from a teaser of Total War: Rome 2 which was published several months ago.

Developers showed a gameplay of the whole fight mission which pleased not only a beautiful gameplay, but also detailed study even the smallest details.

This historic battle between the Roman army and the Germans, which was the basis for famous sayings “Quintilius Var, give me back my legions,” clearly showed how much (for the better) changed Total War: Rome 2. To begin with, the tactical map – this is what was missing in the first part, and the camera view behind the squad will help you relive memorable moments of any participant in the forefront of the battle. Continue reading

Alienware X51Alienware and Dell introduced gaming PC based on Linux

Alienware, a division of Dell, specialized in manufacturing high-end PC for gamers, has presented the first model of a gaming computer, comes preloaded with Linux.

Model Alienware X51 is available in complete co specially adapted distribution Ubuntu 12.04, which are pre-fresh NVIDIA proprietary drivers and provided the ability to quickly install Linux-version of the client for the service delivery of games Steam.

As the advantages of Ubuntu is mentioned in the description of the model mix of style and ease of use, flexibility and openness, performance and security. Continue reading

Xbox 720On the Internet, there are new rumors that future Xbox game console from Microsoft will need a broadband Internet connection, according to the site, citing an unnamed source.

“If the connection will not work, it will not run any game or application. If the Internet connection is interrupted, the work the game or application will be stopped after 3 minutes, and the console will search the web “- gives the word Kotaku informed source. However, Kotaku and references to other sources, who “never heard” of the plans Microsoft. Continue reading

Dead Island RiptideVideo Game Dead Island: Riptide is now available for pre-order on Steam

Techland opened access to pre-order Dead Island: Riptide. Sequel to the famous horror film tells the story of those who have managed to escape death and escape from the island.

The players have to get back into this nightmare, after the ship is infected and rescuers swooped on a reef near the island Palanai. Horror survivors becomes even stronger when they learn that it is a huge resort with lots of people (even though people among them remained, alas, a little). Detail about the plot, you can find out from the start trailer the below. Continue reading

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