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Linux on PlayStation 3In mid-October 2016, Sony Computer Entertainment America began the process of abiding by a settlement order resulting from a class action lawsuit involving the PlayStation 3 video game consoles and the ability to install Linux as an alternate operating system.

The settlement is applicable to owners of early PS3 models who installed Linux on their consoles and later lost the ability to boot to an operating system other than the proprietary one installed by Sony. This settlement could net $55 to each of those affected as long as they participate in compliance with the instructions stipulated by the court. Continue reading

Xbox2014 will be another exciting year for gaming as lots of exciting titles are awaiting their release dates.

However, the year isn’t confined to the release dates of games. A new lines of “steam machines” are also due for release this 2014, amongst which the steam box will be the most popular. You can consider it as a gaming PC that was designed to be connected to your TV. It will come with a controller like you have never seen before and will utilize a touch pad instead of the usual buttons and analogue sticks. Rumor has it that this will become the standard game pad for PC gaming very soon. What does that mean? – that PC gamers will go face to face against console users. Continue reading

Playstation 4As yet another generation of consoles emerge in the gaming world, the Playstation 4 once again seems set to lead!

All gamers know that the best time of year is coming, when the gaming giants Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft unleash their latest offerings to the gaming community, often to rapture and applause.

It’s been a tradition for some years now that Sony’s offering, the ‘Playstation’, leads its competitors in terms of pure processing power. Continue reading

Upcoming games releasing 20142014 is just a couple of days away and it’s time to have a closer look at some upcoming games that will make an impression on avid, amateur, and professional players out there. The gaming industry is now more advanced than ever.

Gamers are looking for bolder experiences, better characters, and a lot more advanced graphics. Should they expect greatness in 2014? Absolutely; whether we’re talking about games for the PS4, Xbox One or PC, there’s no doubt that the following list will blow you away. Continue reading

Games That Top The Charts

Games That Top The ChartsThe Conversion to Digital Gaming

Consumers spent more than twenty billion dollars on the gaming industry in 2012. It was a challenging year for game developers.

The results of an NPD Group consumer research study of video game purchasing trends showed that Americans spent almost four billion dollars less on game software and hardware than they did in 2011. Continue reading

Rise of PrometheusLooking to bring in the new year with some fun? Watch out for these games that will be released in early 2014.

2013 is ending with a bang in the console market, but the mobile developers are far from left behind.

2014 is already looking like a great time to be a mobile gamer; the technology is always improving, the software is gaining ever-greater attention and the games are getting better all the time. Continue reading

Playstation 4 vs Xbox One

Complaints about the new Call of Duty’s graphics on Xbox One have already been made, but are gamers expecting too much from the console too soon?

As we sit on the eve of the next generation game consoles, you can cut the tension in the industry with a knife. Gamers and developers alike are anxiously awaiting the release of the Xbox One and PS4. Expectations are high for the new consoles, but are they too high?

Rough Transition

Despite the fact neither consoles have been released yet gamers are already expecting too much. Infinity Ward, the developers of Call Of Duty, are claiming that gamers are expressing dissatisfaction with the graphics of the Xbox One version of the latest entry in the FPS series, Call Of Duty: Ghosts. The Xbox version of COD Ghosts runs at 720p whilst the PS4 is a much crisper 1080p. Continue reading

Video GamersEvery gamer is familiar with the stereotypes surrounding people who play video games.

Regardless of your age and gender, there is a good chance that you have been stereotyped because of your interest in gaming. Or maybe you are not a gamer yourself but have preconceived notions of who gamers are.

Either way, it is time to debunk some of the stereotypes that plague the gaming community.

Stereotype #1: Gamers Are Unattractive

Mention that you are a gamer when you are not in a face-to-face conversation, and people assume that you are overweight, covered in acne and have the general appearance of a cave dweller. Continue reading

Online GamingGaming is a fun thing and there is a great sense of achievement when you independently play one to the end but there are times when you could use a little help.

In today’s era, online gaming has become a social activity. These games are able to create communities that are completely based on human interaction. Although there was a common belief that online games have an anti-social nature. Continue reading

New gameplay video Assassin’s Creed 4 tell of underwater missions and harpoons

We already showed you the exclusive video of the portal Eurogamer, where the developers talk about the siege of forts in the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Today there are two new gameplay video Assassin’s Creed 4, and this time you will be able to learn more about other adventures at sea.

Two trailers that we are going to show you have been placed on different portals. The first shared site Rev3Games, and the second video – a continuation of a series of interviews from Eurogamer. The first gameplay video Assassin’s Creed 4 tells about the underwater world of the game. It was learned that in the sea you will find a wide variety of animals and fish, and many of them are very dangerous. But in order to find the treasure chest, you have to avoid the dangers and use special air pockets and barrels in the air. You can also find treasures in the beautiful caves. Continue reading

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