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The internet has become a very valuable tool to have access to not only for information, but also for music, videos, series, movies, and stores. The internet is pretty much the bridge that connects us with other people, and to other companies that are there to provide us with a great variety of services.

To take advantage of this incredible instrument, companies started to develop software, also commonly referred to as programs, to take advantage of it. Software is pretty much in charge of making use of pieces of hardware (like computers, smartphones, or tablets) so they can follow complex and basic commands. Continue reading

CNC or Computer Numerical Control is a device developed to manipulate the tools in a machine shop. You can know more about this on this site here. Computer programs run them, and what they receive as input from the software will be output to the tools.

CNC is a name that represents several methods like SLS/SLM, SLA, 3D printing technology, and FDM. They all generate prototypes with the help of software from a digital file. Many prototyping and engineering companies are using machines to process and mill a lot of materials, including plastics, metals, and wood. Continue reading

Managed IT services are one of the most effective purchases a business can make. Owning and running a business often requires you to wear many different hats.

However, trying to do everything at once will only sacrifice the quality of your work and lead to burnout.

Often, it is best to outsource the tasks that you do not have expertise in so you can focus on the daily operations of your business. Many times, IT services make sense to outsource in the form of managed IT services. In this post, we explain what managed IT services are and how they can benefit your business. Continue reading

Server-TypesMicrosoft recently introduced its new web browser that is based on the open-source Chromium engine from Google.

Even though it is fairly new, the browser has lots of interesting features. There are plenty of reasons to switch to the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Austin IT Services professional Jason Simons with ICS shares some of the following highlights with Microsoft Edge: Continue reading

We live in an age in which cybersecurity can make or break a business. But, unfortunately, we also suffer from widespread misinformation or “fake news,” if you will.

The combination puts organizations at critical risk because decision-makers need true facts to ensure digital assets are kept out of harm’s way. Hackers have made bank exploiting vulnerabilities, and it’s time to close the disinformation gap between fake news myths and cybersecurity realities.

Krystal Triumph, an IT consulting professional in NJ shares some common information about cybersecurity breaches.

1: Hackers Only Target Big Corporations

When large corporations suffer multi-million-dollar data breaches, the crime results in splashy headlines. Media outlets know they can sell and resell doomsday hacks, such as the Equifax incident that compromised upwards of 147 million personal identity files. Big numbers and dollar-amounts garner click-bait responses. When a small or mid-sized company gets pinged, the media rarely covers the crime.

According to a 2020 Cybersecurity Statistics report published by The Manifest, “New data breaches surged by 424 percent last year, fueled by hackers targeting more small businesses.” The report indicates that 15 percent of small businesses “faced either a hack, virus, or data leak,” last year. The true facts about hackers are that they troll the internet searching for the low-hanging fruit. Small and mid-sized businesses that buy into the myth they are not targets often suffer the consequences.

2: Complex Username & Passwords Are Effective

The mainstream media inadvertently pushes a false narrative that complicated login profiles are effective deterrents. Political operative John Podesta became the poster child for subpar passwords after WikiLeaks published thousands of his private emails. Whether it’s fact or fiction, a narrative circulated that his password was, well, “password.” This, perhaps, urban legend sustained an idea that using a series of complicated characters would have avoided the breach. Not necessarily.

The true facts are that determined cybercriminals have an entire toolkit at their disposal to penetrate employee emails and devices. These may include phishing schemes, spyware, and password spraying tactics, among others. That’s why businesses of all sizes are implementing two-factor authentication security. Commonly called 2FA, this process requires a staff member to receive a separate code on a secondary device. They must input that code along with their username and password before gaining access to a network. Complex passwords are good. But the true facts are that layered cybersecurity is effective.

3: You’ll Be Promptly Alerted About A Breach

Companies invest in antivirus software, firewalls, and other cybersecurity measures with the idea hacks will be prevented, and they’ll get prompt alerts about threats. It’s an almost logical conclusion given the widespread information about ransomware attacks that hold business networks hostage until bitcoin payments are made. But these smash-and-grab cybercriminals are just the tip of the iceberg. The thieves you really need to worry about are digital burglars.

Take a moment to consider a nefarious individual has successfully unveiled an employee’s username and password. That hacker can now infiltrate your system through a credible login profile with absolute impunity. What would motivate them to pull a grab-and-go of your digital assets? Nothing.

The true facts are that once a digital burglar has defeated your security, it may be in their criminal best interest to covertly copy files, company secrets, bank account numbers, and personal identity records. These assets can be sold on the Dark Web, and it could take years for an organization to detect. Consider the following example.

Marriott, the hospitality giant, reportedly suffered a long-term breach that may have run for four years. Digital burglars were apparently able to steal the information of upwards of a half-billion guests over that period. Needless to say, Marriott probably believed they would be promptly alerted to even a minimal threat. The true facts do not support that myth.

Recruitment Process OutsourcingIntroduction:

The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind after graduating is getting some experience. This is possible while being hired by some firm. Earlier in the good old days, mere a positive interview in the firm you wish to work in could get you a job. Now the term of the trade is changing. Your field of graduation may not necessarily get a job in the same industry. Continue reading

What is fatigue testing?

Fatigue testing is the most important stage in the manufacturing process. This is what ensures the product will work as advertised throughout its intended lifespan.

What is fatigue testing?

Nearly all products worth purchasing are subject to some level of fatigue testing – an extensive cyclical process that tests for unexpected progressive structural changes that can cause irreparable damage under repeated stress.

Companies run high and low cycle tests to check for various forms of fatigue, including but not limited to: material fatigue, creep fatigue, thermal mechanical fatigue, and corrosion fatigue. Continue reading

Nature and technologyWhen you think about the connections between nature and technology, you usually wouldn’t think of some positive ones.

You would argue that technological advances are at the expanse of nature – deforestation, pollution, water shortages, and so on.

However, there are different sides to every story, and technology has its bright side, as well. It has brought us closer to the wildlife than we could have imagined, and here are some of the technologies that have achieved that. Continue reading

Google SEOIn today’s post, we’ll discuss three of the top reasons you need to hire a SEO expert to achieve top search engine rankings.

Deciding to engage an expert in Search Engine Optimization is a huge decision. It can potentially save time and improve your site or risk damaging your reputation and site.

Many SEO consultants and agencies provide useful services for site owners, including: Continue reading

Energy SavingLatest technologies continue to be explored to improve energy efficient systems.

Improvements in energy efficiency are generally achieved by adopting a more efficient technology or production processes. There is a growing need to lower energy use through the installation of available technology.

Investing in efficient technologies and smart systems gives people the opportunity to enjoy significant energy savings instantly. Continue reading

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