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Recruitment Process OutsourcingIntroduction:

The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind after graduating is getting some experience. This is possible while being hired by some firm. Earlier in the good old days, mere a positive interview in the firm you wish to work in could get you a job. Now the term of the trade is changing. Your field of graduation may not necessarily get a job in the same industry. Continue reading

What is fatigue testing?

Fatigue testing is the most important stage in the manufacturing process. This is what ensures the product will work as advertised throughout its intended lifespan.

What is fatigue testing?

Nearly all products worth purchasing are subject to some level of fatigue testing – an extensive cyclical process that tests for unexpected progressive structural changes that can cause irreparable damage under repeated stress.

Companies run high and low cycle tests to check for various forms of fatigue, including but not limited to: material fatigue, creep fatigue, thermal mechanical fatigue, and corrosion fatigue. Continue reading

Nature and technologyWhen you think about the connections between nature and technology, you usually wouldn’t think of some positive ones.

You would argue that technological advances are at the expanse of nature – deforestation, pollution, water shortages, and so on.

However, there are different sides to every story, and technology has its bright side, as well. It has brought us closer to the wildlife than we could have imagined, and here are some of the technologies that have achieved that. Continue reading

Google SEOIn today’s post, we’ll discuss three of the top reasons you need to hire a SEO expert to achieve top search engine rankings.

Deciding to engage an expert in Search Engine Optimization is a huge decision. It can potentially save time and improve your site or risk damaging your reputation and site.

Many SEO consultants and agencies provide useful services for site owners, including: Continue reading

Energy SavingLatest technologies continue to be explored to improve energy efficient systems.

Improvements in energy efficiency are generally achieved by adopting a more efficient technology or production processes. There is a growing need to lower energy use through the installation of available technology.

Investing in efficient technologies and smart systems gives people the opportunity to enjoy significant energy savings instantly. Continue reading

Three new Lumia smartphonesMicrosoft has announced three new Nokia Lumia smartphones – 830, 735 and 730, including a model with a low price tag, as well as two models which are suitable for Skype video calling due to the presence of the front cameras with high resolution.

All three new products were announced at the IFA 2014 in Berlin, the beginning of their sales is expected later this month.

According to the report the corporation, all three smartphones run on the basis of Windows Phone 8.1 and supplemented by proprietary Service Pack Lumia Denim EXCLUSIVE extensions for Lumia. Continue reading

TV 2014Fourteen top manufacturers of LCD TV screens expect to increase the products’ shippings next year, despite the fact that half of them have experienced decreasing in volumes of shippings in 2013.

TV manufacturers from South Korea, Japan and China plan to produce about 236 million of LCD TV screens in 2014, it means that an increase will be 13.4% more comparing to the estimated volume of shippings in 2013, analysts in IHS think that overall shipping in 2013 was 208.1 million units. Continue reading

MusicWiring and connecting a PA or recording system can be very complex and potentially dangerous. Here are some issues to consider.

A Little Background to Music Connectivity

The world of connectivity and wiring within backline, PA and recording setups can seem at times bizarre and bewildering. There are numerous connection types, from XLR and TRS Jack to RCA Phono and Mono Jacks, along with screened and unscreened cables. We’ll attempt to unravel these mysteries and hopefully offer a clear guide to what you need to use and when to use it!

First, it’s worth pointing out that recording connectivity is very different to PA (public address) or backline (monitoring) connectivity. PA and backline sound rigs involve feeding signals to speakers at high power, whereas the signals used in recording are rarely more powerful than a home hifi unit, and are mostly much lower than that. Continue reading

Ubuntu Saucy SalamanderCanonical is constantly on the try to make the actual Ubuntu server release faster and more flexible in cloud environments.

The most recent edition of the Linux distribution, which is to be available for downloading October 17, includes a faster installation software in addition to an up to date compact package technological innovation that can identical copy new environments faster.

The overall performance enhancements in Ubuntu 13.10, code-named Saucy Salamander, are actually “part of the strategy to make sure that Ubuntu gets to be the most effective environment regarding developing, diagnostic tests, and operating production products and services in a cloud. Speed is actually a type of factors most people measure,” mentioned Mark Baker, Ubuntu server as well as cloud product or service director. Continue reading

Video ConferencingWith the rise of technology, companies have seen a lot of changes in the way business is done.

Thanks to the internet, many people are now able to work from remote locations rather than having to go into the office every day, and businesses themselves have been able to diversify and grow with much more ease, including taking their offices to different parts of the world. From these changes, businesses have also seen the rise of video conferencing as a method of communication.

Simply put, video conferencing makes use of computer networks so that people can conduct meetings from these remote locations, allowing them to see and hear each other as if they were in the same room. It has been growing and growing in popularity, to the point that companies such as Regus have incorporated it into the property packages they provide. Video conferencing offers some great advantages that businesses would do well to consider. Continue reading

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