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iPhone XApple iPhone X is now available and the users are wondering how to get started.

Apple has brought a revolutionary innovation in the shape of iPhone X.

No matter how great the innovation is the first concern would be your iPhone’s battery life.

We will look through some useful tips that will help you maximize your battery. Starting off with the essentials: Continue reading


5 Tips To Speed Up Your Game With WoWWorld of Warcraft is one of the biggest multiplayer online role-playing games.

First released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, it’s the fourth game set to be released within the Warcraft universe.

With so many tips and tricks online, if you’re a first time player of the game, take a look at this list of things you can try to ensure you’re able to play World of Warcraft without difficulty. Continue reading

The right desk for officeGetting the right desk is directly proportional to your working efficiency. Most people overlook the importance of having the right desk. In most cases, it seems like a trivial component of the overall setup.

You may think that any desk can be as good for as any other, but you are completely wrong. A desk is a platform where you write, organize your stuff on, and place your computer. Therefore, you have to take into consideration a lot of factors. Continue reading

Export Yahoo Mail Address Book Can Anyone Suggest Me How to Export Yahoo Mail Address Book in CSV File?

Yahoo; being quite the biggest web portal alongside being a popular search engine, has marked its dominance in the internet world with the popularity of webmail service being offered from its side.

As no one has heard about Yahoo mail contact list problems, but it sometimes persists all of the sudden and create troublesome issues for the users. Continue reading

typing speedJust like me, are you one of those who have low typing speed and frequently thinks how to type faster? If yes, the answer is here.

Well, typing is one of the easiest skills to improve and it’s something that most of us use a number of times throughout the day.

Thus, having a good speed is not an extra feature, but it is more like a necessity demand in today’s competitive world.

So, if you want to learn the art of accurate and fast type this post can be help you. Now, you need not worry about your typing speed, you can polish this skill with the help of various hacks and tricks that can work wonders for you. Continue reading

5 Tips For ExtendingReplacing a computer is not only an expense, it’s a hassle. Installing all the programs and configuring internet and Wi-Fi is no fun and can take forever.

Luckily keeping a computer running does not require a lot of maintenance, but it does require some and it is essential for extending the life of your computer.

It really is amazing how well some computer maintenance can keep your machine running. Here are five musts to keep a PC humming: Continue reading

Business Phone SystemsAn excellent and effective business phone system is the prerequisite of every modern business. If you are looking to buy a business phone for your company then there are three really important questions to address:

1. Is there a need to buy a full office phone system, including physical phones? Or your business can manage with the virtual phone system that would depend on the cellphones?

2. What are your service expectations? You will have to choose between the traditional telephone service (offered by local phone company) or VoIP that operates over the internet?

3. If you are opting for the VoIP system then do you want to have an on-premises system or are you open to using hosted service (cloud-based)?

Continue reading

TechnologyIn today’s fast paced world, most of the improvement in society is spurred on by new technological developments. New tech comes out every year, and much of it is changing the way people live. It is certainly an exciting time to be alive.

However, you don’t have to simply remain a spectator to this blinding progress. You can also take part in it. Below are some ways you can become a leader at the forefront of technology. Continue reading

How to Clean Up Your Cell StorageCleaning up cell phone storage is like trying to get rid of junk, while organizing a kitchen catchall drawer.

You open it and see enough miscellaneous items to fill two or three drawers, and often you reach a point of having to do decide what to do with it all, which means choosing what to keep, what is insignificant, and what’s trash.

Maybe your Smartphone isn’t an overstuffed kitchen drawer, but it has the capacity to accumulate a lot of clutter that outweighs its intended purpose. It can become a daunting task, so before you give up and abandon the project altogether, check out some tips to help you get started. Continue reading

Monitoring applicationsMonitoring applications have completely redefined the whole concept of look out for or tracking an individual.

Whether it is lack of trust or the fast paced life that makes it impossible to be around physically, either ways monitoring apps have helped keep track of loved ones in a virtual way that is both safe and convenient.

However, with thousands of different monitoring apps available in the market today one would easily get confused about which one to get. Therefore, to help you make the right decision when you are going to buy a monitoring software, we have put together a few essential pointers to consider. Continue reading

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