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server networksInvesting in network monitoring applications has become a necessity for any organization.

For this reason, most organizations regardless of size are seeking network monitoring applications to identify performance issues, network threats, and to stay on top of the current status of network environment health.

Monitoring your network is a critical part of protecting programs and data as well as your network as a whole. Without the proper applications for monitoring data, threats, failures, and performance, you are taking huge risks which can devastate your organization. Continue reading


After the criticism surrounding Windows 8, we take a look at whether or not the constant stream of updates from Microsoft is really benefitting consumers.

Keeping and updating software can often be tricky for businesses trying to manage their budgets whilst staying cutting edge.  Microsoft’s recent software policy has raised some intriguing questions about the value of constant updates. Continue reading

CodeLobster PHP Editiion

Modern web stands on several major technologies – HTML for page structures, CSS – for styling and visual design, JavaScript and PHP – for interactivity and functionality of web-services.

While PHP code is server-side scripting, used in major cases for data management, you can do a lot inside the visitors’ browser with the help of JavaScript, especially when the point is about animation, special visual effects or content manipulation.

When the web-master build the web site, he uses convenient and helpful tools, just as the cook uses sharp knifes at restaurant kitchen. Such knife, even Swiss-knife for web development, is the modern IDE Continue reading

What is a Softphone?

SoftphoneA softphone, or a software telephone is a system application that allows Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connections from different computing devices.

In a company, softphones are at times referred to as soft clients. Several softphone application systems work together with a microphone and headset. Typically, a special VoIP phone, which is oftentimes called a hardphone, operates through the use of a device which is called analog telephone adaptor, like a Magicjack. This adaptor allows VoIP calling from a regular telephone handset. Continue reading

Mobile Phone AppsMust-Have Mobile Phone Apps For Students. To find out what the most popular apps students like to download are to assist them with their everyday lives, read on.

Students and young people in general are obsessed with their mobile phones these days, and many can’t get off them for more than a few seconds at a time. Not only do mobiles control their emails, phone calls, internet access, SMS alerts and other forms of communication, but they also provide a huge range of apps that are both useful and fun to use.

To find out what the most popular apps students like to download are to assist them with their everyday lives, read on.

1) iStudiez Pro

Students are notoriously bad at keeping up to date with their calendars, and it is important they remember what times their lectures are and when deadlines are due. That’s why iStudiez Pro is particularly good, as it provides users with calendars, reminders and task managers. Therefore, students will always know what they need to do and when. Continue reading

Dragon naturally speakingDragon Naturally Speaking is much more than a simple speech recognition program, it has the ability to learn from its own mistakes and lets you launch programs.

Imagine Speech Recognition software with cutting-edge voice transcription and voice command that exhibits more competency and a lower number of errors the more it is used. Say hello to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 from Nuance.

Dictaphone Transriptions

Being able to transcribe recordings can prove to be an incredible addition to your everyday life, making writing emails, keeping a diary, backing up information from that important lecture or meeting a much simpler and enjoyable task. This is because now you can produce audio voice recordings on the go with any recording device, and later transcribe them to text once you’re back in front of your computer. Iphone users can take great advantage of the Nuance app named ‘Dragon Dictation’ specially designed to turn your phone into a wireless microphone, capturing your thoughts as they flow and evolving them to text for either Mac or PC. Continue reading

Pitivi logoAfter two years since the last stable release, presented release non-linear editing system Pitivi 0.91, in which presented about 1,300 changes.

The video editor is written in Python using the library GTK + (PyGTK) and can work with all audio and video formats supported in GStreamer, including the format MXF (Material eXchange Format). Code licensed under the LGPL. Among the features are the support Pitivi an unlimited number of layers , preservation of complete history of transactions with the fallback , display thumbnails on the timeline support typical operations of video and sound.

Pitivi 0.91 is the first release that have transferred from the traditional engine Pitivi the use of GES (GStreamer Editing Services, a high-level API for plugins GNonLin), which expanded the possibilities and achieve noticeable increase in performance and stability. Daylight GES reduced the size of the code base Pitivi on more than 20,000 lines of code. In addition , the new version is made for adaptation toolkit GTK + 3.x and made ​​for porting API GStreamer 1.x. The implementation timeline translated using the widget GooCanvas, uses Cairo to draw on built-in toolkit Clutter. Continue reading

Aiseesoft transfer softwareAiseesoft transfer software perfectly supports the last iOS 7, iPhone 5s/5c and the lastest iTunes.

The IOS 7 maybe new, but not new enough that it can’t be supported.iPad and iPhone 5s/5C and the lastest iTunes users can have no greater friend than Aiseesoft this early in the game.

Once again Aiseesoft has moved to the head of the class by creating the world’s first iOS 7 supported transfer software packages.

Aiseesoft has successfully transferred millions of files and has now released its software packages to the public.

Top recommended Aiseesoft software includes:

  • Aiseesoft iPhone Transfer Platinum

The best assistant for backing up music, movies, pictures, TV shows, postcasts, iTunes U, ebooks, camera rolls, ringtones, SMS, contacts, voice memos, and camera shots. Its also the perfect transfer software for DVDs, music, and videos. Transfers from the computer to iPhone is fast and easy. Continue reading

OEM Downloadable Software

OEM Software StoreOEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which is a misnomer and often confuses users, as the companies that market OEMs are not the original equipment manufacturer.

They are manufacturers, but they resell other company’s equipment under their brand name and with their own warranties. These companies are different from VARs (value-added resellers), because they do not just re-market the products, they take the products, change their names, and offer their own licensing agreements.

What Is an OEM?

While at first glance, the business of an OEM may seem sketchy, but in reality, they are fully supported by the actual original manufacturer. When a tech company creates a new product, they create two different versions. The first, they package, brand, and distribute under their own name. The second version, they transfer to their OEM partners, who do their own branding and distributing. Continue reading

5 best desktop audio players5 best desktop audio players

Many people have favorite audio players. Some sufficient to music playing smoothly, without delays and interference. Others in media players are looking for tools for create playlists, sync with smartphones, building a music collection and attractive design. The news portal Lifehacker decided to create ranking of the five best desktop music players according to survey of readers.

Early last week, Lifehacker analysts asked its readers to call the best desktop audio players that can offer the flexibility, power, and ease of use. The following nominees has been included to five of the most popular applications: Continue reading

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