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Apache OpenOffice 4Compatible with other major office suites Apache OpenOffice 4.0 has been released

Presented release of the Apache OpenOffice 4.0 office suite, which absorbed part of the improvements developed as part of the product Lotus Symphony, the code of which was handed over by IBM after the Apache Foundation’s decision to stop the development of a separate fork and focus on developing core codebase Apache OpenOffice.

The new version is notable for the implementation of an improved user interface, a significant improvement in compatibility with the formats of Microsoft Office, advanced tools for working with graphics, numerous performance optimizations. Continue reading

Ubuntu Saucy SalamanderThe second alpha release branches of Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) and beta version Ubuntu SDK is Available.

Presented a second alpha release Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy Salamander”. Under the new development plan, has already been tested in the preparation of Ubuntu 13.04, individual alpha build will not be formed, instead of testing is offered daily use experimental assembly. Finished test images created just for Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Xubuntu and Kubuntu. The beta version of Ubuntu 13.10, scheduled for September 26, will be formed as a complete assembly. The release is scheduled for October 17. Continue reading

Linux Mint 15Available version of Linux Mint 15 distribution with the Xfce desktop-environment

Available Xfce-edition of Linux Mint 15 distro. The distribution is based on the packet-base Xubuntu 13.04 and comes with a desktop environment Xfce 4.10, supplemented by a series of original applications, simplifying setup and operation of the system.

In particular, Linux Mint uses reworked menu system, a private manager to install and upgrade applications, the original interface for system setup mintConfig, means for performing backup mintBackup etc. The size of the boot iso-image is 970 MB. The distribution can run on systems with 384 MB of RAM, but for the comfort of the recommended 1 GB of RAM. Continue reading

Future of Open Source SurveyOpen Source Latest News: IDE Qt Creator 2.8.0 Released, Upgrading PHP 5.3.27 and 5.4.17, PHP has moved on two positions forward in TIOBE rating, CyanogenMod 10.1.1 released, Overview of the kernel Linux.

IDE Qt Creator 2.8.0 Released

The company Digia has presented release of the IDE Qt Creator 2.8, designed to create cross-platform applications using the library Qt. Supports the development of both classical programming language C + +, and use of the language QML, for a specific scenario that uses JavaScript, and the structure and parameters of the interface elements are defined CSS-like blocks. Source code Qt Creator distributed Continue reading

Ubuntu logoMark Shuttleworth, head of Canonical Ltd, said that Mir – developed by a new display server, which is planned as a replacement window system X Window System, is almost ready for release.

Mir technology will be included in the next version of the distribution Ubuntu Linux, which promised the fans of the operating system in October of this year.

The company Canonical Ltd announced the planned release of Mir in March, triggering a high-profile and discontent in the community, especially from developers Wayland – alternative and competing composite window manager, which has already managed to get support a few Linux distributions. Continue reading

Display Server MirAfter spending two weeks with Mir, you wll wonder why you didn’t employ its use sooner.

Mir runs very smoothly all-Intel Dell XPS laptops. Mir ensures that the speed in which Saucy changes increases and newer versions of Compiz and X land while Mir is still running. As compared to the direct handling of the hardware using X, you would discover that Xorg and Compiz require fewer CPU cycles and also utilize less memory.

This is not uncommon, the Mir team assures. Others have come to the same conclusion. The success of it is attributed to the efficiency in the buffering of requests leading to the hardware. An intended update to the PPA is projected to deal with any glitches that arise in Chromium. This should solve ensure the GPU is in top form. Continue reading

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11After a year and a half since the last update submitted to the release SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 3 (Service Pack 3).

The distribution can be downloaded and used for free, but access to get updates and patches is limited to 60-day trial period. Release is available in assemblies for architecture x86 (32 – and 64-bit), Itanium, POWER and System z.

According to the company SUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 3 is the industry’s first distribution which supports technology UEFI Secure Boot. In addition, it is noted that the hardware and software system based on SLES 11 SP 3 was successfully certified for compliance with the international safety standard EAL4 + Common Criteria and the American standard FIPS 140-2, defines the requirements for cryptographic modules. Continue reading

MagicPlayMagicPlay is new open platform for the organization of the wireless broadcast streaming music over WiFi-speakers.

The company DoubleTwist introduced MagicPlay, a new open platform for the organization of streaming music over the wireless broadcast WiFi-speakers, smart TVs, car audio systems and other devices, acting as an alternative to proprietary technology AirPlay.

MagicPlay has been created was in response to the appearance on the market of wireless speakers that can only work with devices that support AirPlay, leaving behind equipment manufactured not by Apple, such as phones and tablets on the platform Android. Continue reading

Kingsoft Office logoKingsoft Office English-Language Website: Kingsoft / WPS Office, developed in China, office suite for Linux

International website of community of users of the project’s Kingsoft Office (also known as WPS Office), under which the Chinese developers develops analog office suite MS Office, written in Qt and aimed to work in Linux has been launched.

The site contains a set of English-language information on the project, a forum and distributed build localized for English-speaking users (previously assemblies supplied only through the forum in Chinese). Finished assemblies are available in the form of RPM packages and DEB.

The structure includes a word processor, a system for creating presentations and spreadsheet. The package is distributed free of charge. Advantage over LibreOffice, Google Docs and Lotus Symphony is familiar to users MS Office interface, which enables users to simplify the transition to the new package. Continue reading

Upgrade from Windows 8Free Software Foundation invited users to switch to a free operating system.

In connection with the upcoming upgrade Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue), Free Software Foundation, presented an update campaign “Upgrade from Windows 8”, organized with the purpose to suggest users of Windows cardinally to update an operating system on the computer and to get rid from the problems associated with the OS, the family of Microsoft Windows.

Campaign slogan was chosen “Close Windows, Open Doors!”,  as advertising uses images in the style of Windows 8, an infographic as a comparison of Windows and the free OS. Continue reading

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