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The Buzz About Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a term that was originally coined in 2005 by the website

It has since become one of the largest-growing online shopping holidays for consumers worldwide. Cyber Monday is often referred to as the “New Black Friday”, which falls on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is an online consumer holiday that allows shoppers who are looking for goods from home to purchase items at a steep discount, often beating out traditional “Black Friday” sales. The shopping holiday itself gets it name as it refers to shopping exclusively from online retailers right from the comfort of consumer’s homes. Continue reading

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most popular and profitable holidays, but there are many myths and misconceptions around it.

For example, do you know why it’s called Black Friday? This holiday is much more interesting that people give it credit for, and it’s essential for many large chains and small businesses.

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

Many people think that Black Friday comes from the fact that many businesses “get into the black” from the great sales. While this does make sense, and it certainly is true for many stores, this isn’t where the term originated. Continue reading

Ebay ShopingInternet company Ebay expects its earnings this quarter will be worse than expectations of some analysts on the background of deteriorating economic conditions in Europe and Asia.

According to the Ebay estimate, the company will sell at a rate of 3.85-3.95 billion, while analysts stated 3.97 billion dollars. Revenue for the second quarter amounted to 3.88 billion dollars, which is only $ 100 million worse than expected.

eBay president and CEO John Donahoe said the company is now making significant efforts related to work outside of the U.S., focusing primarily on emerging markets such as Russia or China. In 2012, 27% of the proceeds from the online auction Ebay turned out just by working outside the United States, while on the subdivision PayPal is even higher 50%. In Ebay today said that in 2013, the company’s performance will be at the lower end of a previously published forecast. Continue reading

Retail ShoppingOwners of small shop in Brisbane (Australia) came up with an effective way to deal with those who come to him only to get acquainted with the product and then buy it online.

Today, many visitors exploring cheap goods on the shelves only to buy it later at a lower price in the online store or at one of the big supermarket chains.

Australian businessmen decided urgent problem by charging a small fee for entrance to the store. After paying $ 5 entrance fee, customers can freely explore assortment on the shelves. In the case of purchase money taken “per view”, returned to the client.

It can be assumed that the sale of “tickets” can have a negative impact on the reputation of the store and reduce the inflow of visitors. However, the traders themselves, reshivshiesya this step has not yet been found to have major negative impacts. According to the owner of the store, most of the “real” buyers are forced to this measure with understanding and approval. Continue reading

Online salesIn 2018 over a third of world online sales will be carried out in Asia, the leading country still remains to the U.S..

In the next five years, Asian e-commerce market will take a leading position in the world due to the rapidly growing internet penetration, over a third of the world’s online sales will come from this region. With such a forecast is today the world’s Internet companies that provide services for the delivery of goods from online stores U.S. and other countries.

Analysts say that in the next few years, the balance of power in the segment of the global B2C e-commerce market can change. Leading positions take the Asian market, surpassing the North American and European. More than a third of world volume of online sales will be carried Exactly out here.

Now the first place in terms of sales in the B2C owned North American market, the second – the European, the Asian market is the third largest. The situation has changed in the next couple of years: the Asian market will grow faster than other regions, confidently stepping forward. Continue reading

Google online storesGoogle is close pondered on expanding its own presence in the traditional retail trade.

During the year, the company plans to open more of its own-brand stores in different cities around the world. Today, many of the company’s competitors already have their own shops.

They are, for example, the Apple, Sony, Nokia and Microsoft. In addition, all of these companies are also collaborating with traditional retailers and mobile operators by selling their products there too.

Sources say in the company, Google stores potential buyers to not only his own taste many notebooks under OS Chrome, to work with smartphones and tablets Nexus, but also see some experimental development of the Internet giant like Google Glases. Some stores will be other developments Google X Lab.

Today, Google has agreements with a number of major Western retailers such as Best Buys American network and a number of British retailers that not only sell products under the brand of Google, but also opened a special store demo zone where customers can try the products before buying . Continue reading

Apple MacBookApple has announced a price reduction on the MacBook Pro series laptops with a display Retina, as well as the older model MacBook Air with a storage capacity of 256 GB.

Falling prices affected MacBook Pro models with a display diagonal of 13 and 15 inches. Since the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Retina display and SSD-drive capacity of 128 GB will now cost $ 1499. Senior in the line of 13-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i5 2.6 GHz and SSD-drive capacity of 256 GB will now cost $ 1699. For the 13-inch MacBook Pro models price cut of $ 200.

In addition to the price of the company slightly updated lineup. Thus, the basic 15-inch version of the MacBook Pro quad-core Intel Core i7 increased the frequency from 2.3 GHz to 2.4 GHz. The price of this model remains at $ 2,199. 15-inch MacBook Pro in the maximum configuration also received a slight increase in the operating frequency of the quad-core Intel Core i7 – from 2.5 to 2.7 GHz. The rest of the model has not changed, including the price, which remains at $ 2799. Continue reading

Online ShoppingResidents of the UK for the third year in a row are the most active buyers in the world via the Internet, according to regulator Ofcom, who examined the 17 countries with the most developed online market.

According to the regulator, the buyers from the UK spend on online purchases on average 1083 pounds ($ 1743) per year, and the second place ranking went to Australia, where the people spend on online shopping on average 842 pounds a year.

Ofcom noted that the increasing popularity of online shopping in the UK due to the high demand for smart phones and related accessories. However, about 16% of Internet traffic is necessary on mobile phones, this indicator Kingdom also avoids other European countries.

In addition, according to the study, the British were among the most active users of other digital devaysa, such as a camcorder or video. Thus, 15% of UK households have a TV connected to the Internet, while in the U.S. the figure is 10%.

In Ofcom also calculated the average cost of a typical set of communications services, which includes fixed and mobile telephony, networking and TV. In Britain, the average price of this set amounted to 146 pounds, 32 pounds less than in France, the 101 – than in Italy and 168 pounds cheaper than in the U.S.. Continue reading

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