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Self-DrivingSelf-driving cars were once a fantasy reserved for sci-fi movies like Back to the Future, but as technology advances they come closer and closer to becoming a reality. Major automobile manufacturers like Tesla Inc. and General Motors are planning on mass-producing self-driving cars within the next few years. Continue reading

The driverless futureIntroduction

Uber transportation service is efficiently performing the process of transportation from one place to another place. It contains and reveals so many advanced features which are related to the transportation service.

Recently, it has a partnership with Daimler (automobile manufacturing company). For the purpose of manufacturing the driverless vehicle, there are some skilled technicians are required. Continue reading

SD-WANThe software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) services are growing in popularity. Currently, many organisations, buoyed by the need to use the new versions of SDNs, are turning to SD-WANs as the perfect solution to the problems that are associated with the use of traditional WAN technologies.

Besides, many organisations are turning to SD-WANs as opposed to Hybrid WANs for the main reason that SD-WANs are built on various improvements to the architecture and performance of Hybrid WANs. Continue reading

New LG televisionMind-boggling as it may sound, the inception of television featured soundless monochrome picture.

Nowadays, a typical TV set incorporates the 4k technology, unique surround systems, a large number of various channels and content that anyone can relate to. You can even “tivo” everything and never again have to rush back home to catch an episode of your favorite TV show or a sports event that’s about to air.

Still, things are changing and the top networks are compelled to adjust to these changes. We’ve rounded up a list of predictions of what you can expect from the future of television. Continue reading

Home automation systemsNew technology and the latest innovations can provide property owners and households with the means to improve their comfort in more ways than ever before.

From sophisticated home automation systems that allow for remote operation of lighting and interior environment controls to high-efficiency appliances that can make quite an impact on monthly electric and utility bills, the most advanced technologies may have more to offer than many homeowners might realize. Continue reading

Action CameraNo matter how good of a driver you are, taking to the road is always risky.

That’s why you should always do whatever you can to increase your safety while driving. Luckily, technology is constantly advancing and there are always some new technologies designed to make the road less dangerous for the drivers.

We have come up with 5 of them you should definitely consider adding to your car. Continue reading

Home smart-tvEverybody and their mother has got a smartphone today (quite literally). However, if you think back mere 10 years back, could you have imagined almost an entirety of our planet carrying a touch-screen computer in their pocket?

It is evident, therefore, not only that the world is perpetually evolving, but that it is doing so at an ever-increasing velocity.

Home technologies are following in suit – ever since the microwave has become mainstream, we have accepted it as a trend, often taking for granted the fact that we don’t have to wait for our meals to be ready for longer than a couple of minutes. The dawn of the microwave, however, was over 6 decades ago and many new technologies have entered our homes in the 21st century. Continue reading

Tech Predictions 2015In 2014, we’ve seen some exciting new technologies leave their mark, but what’s next for the industry? What Technology Can We Expect From 2015?

Things are being created on a daily basis. And, because it happens so gradually, we almost don’t realise just how far technology has come in recent years. Let’s think about it for a minute. At the turn of the millennium, very few people had flat screen TVs – instead they were huge space eaters which were almost as deep as they were wide. Continue reading

sip and skypeSIP and SKYPE both are the means to enjoy IP telephony. Find out the differences between the two.

FCC report of 2010 suggests that 23 % of all voice-based communications in the United States was performed via SIP-based communication system. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is a signaling protocol which is necessary for initiating a communication and multimedia session over the Internet. Continue reading


Virtualization systems can offer individuals and organizations a host of benefits, including more power and can help them save money.

Although the task of transferring everything from an old system to a new, virtualized one can seem overwhelming, the idea is quickly catching on. The virtualization solutions market is projected to include more than 20 percent of the overall market by 2016. Those interested in the switch wonder what the benefits of the newer types of systems will be. Virtualization systems can offer individuals and organizations a host of benefits, including more power and can help them save money. Here are just a few of the reasons organizations should consider switching. Continue reading

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