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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3Korean Samsung Electronics today officially announced its new Internet tablet Galaxy Tab 3, 7-inch device that directly competes with Apple iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle or Google Nexus 7.

The company said that the Galaxy Tab 3 has a fairly average by today’s standards specifications. However, the company did not report on the cost of device.

Inside the Galaxy Tab 3 is a screen resolution of 1024×600 running in, but at the same time, the company reports that the screen is capable of working with video Full HD (as it is possible the company does not report, though, that the origin large Full HD resolution) In addition the device has dual 1.2 GHz processor and supplied in the container 8 or 16 GB. All models have 1 GB of RAM. Technically, the memory and can be expanded by using microSD memory cards up to 64 GB. Continue reading

Facebook HomeFacebook yestarday presented its most significant to date mobile initiative – the program shell Home, mount on Android-smartphone and provides instant access to many features of the world’s largest network.

Until recently, many investors and analysts are often criticized Facebook for insufficient presence in the mobile sector, the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg promised to fix it.

At a special press event in Menlo Park (California, USA) Facebook with Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC held a show that is a Home and how the design looks on Android-smartphone. HTC has provided for ‘Home’ its new smartphone ‘First’, where instead of the usual Android desktop shell was ‘Home’. Continue reading

iOS vulnerabilitiesAccording to research company SourceFire, which specializes in IT-security, today in iOS has the largest number of vulnerabilities.

Experts attribute this to the closed nature of mobile platforms Apple, as well as its growing popularity, says ZDNet.

Windows Phone has little of interest to hackers due to a small market share, Android is an open OS, so to “break her interested.”

In addition, due to the openness of the Google OS attackers will not have any difficulties in creating malicious software that careless users install themselves.

Despite frequent reports of the spread of viruses and other malicious programs to Android, it was found that the number of vulnerabilities found in iOS, is several times the number of other mobile operating systems combined. Continue reading

According to the publication TechCrunch, Amazon is intending to introduce competition in the tablet market to the next level, launching the 7-inch tablet Kindle HD for just $ 99.

The new 7-inch tablet will be an updated version of the current Kindle HD for $ 199. However, some indicators of the tablet, including screen resolution and processor in 99-dollar version will, of course, easier, sources say.

TechCrunch reports that the alleged 99-dollar Kindle HD tablet will get a mobile processor Texas Instruments (current 7-inch Kindle HD has a dual-core TI OMAP 4460 chip with two cores), and the resolution of 1280×800 pixels. It is expected that in the product line of the future Amazon will continue a $ 199 version of the Kindle and the new 99-dollar, but version for $ 159 will disappear.

It is expected that supercheap Kindle HD will be sold by the end of the year. Continue reading

BlackBerry Balance technology

BlackBerry today announced the technology created for the safe separation of working and personal data on devices running Android and iOS. Earlier, a similar software Balance existed only under the platform BlackBerry 10.

As described in the company, the new application Secure Work Space for iOS and Android will be sold separately and work in addition to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10. Now the company began closed beta testing of a new platform of its corporate and government clients. Publicly available version is expected by June 30, the price has not reported. Continue reading

APU RichlandAdvanced Micro Devices today presented its new mobile APU new family of Richland A-Series, is a further development of mobile lines previously shown Trinity chips for laptops.

AMD has said that the new APU Richland focus on more innovative use of integrated graphics capabilities, and support for the system instructions are used to implement gesture control and recognition of the user’s face.

According to AMD, the new APU computer manufacturers actually come from the end of 2012, that is, the end products on the basis of Richland will have to appear on store shelves soon.

As described in the Company, Richland is a significant upgrade chips Trinity, using the processor cores Piledriver, but combined with the new GPU Radeon HD 8000. In addition, where the company has implemented a new system of power, which is a saving of 20-30% of the Trinity. Real increase for new chips Richland 20-40%, depending on the application.

Kevin Lansing, director of AMD Notebook Products Client Unit, said Richland technically not a new platform, but the amount of innovation that is implemented in them, could easily pull the new platform. According to him, even if we ignore the new components of the APU, in Richland have been implemented some new developments that allow for better customized chip’s clock speed, more control over the temperature and electricity consumption.

Lansing said that the Trinity chip has three states – “slow”, “normal” and “fast” – and could only work in one of them, while in Richland system can accurately adjust the level of performance for real needs. Continue reading

eScan Mobile SecuritySmartphones and tablets based on Android are the most popular portable devices around the world. Online Store Google Play is now offering to install a giant collection of applications for Android-devices.

Therefore, there is always the chance of infection by viruses, Trojans, malware installation suspicious and fraudulent applications. Protect your portable device is as important a task as protecting the computer, as users store sensitive information on it: e-mail, contacts, messages, and other personal data.

With the development of online banking and payment systems of instant transaction protection smartphone or tablet becomes mandatory condition for safe operation.

eScan Mobile Security is specifically designed for the Android platform and was addressing not only the protection of the gadget from viruses, Trojans and other threats, but also provides useful additional features, such as the application password protection and parental controls. Continue reading

Xperia TableSony today presented at MWC 2013 “world’s thinnest” internet tablet Xperia Tablet Z with a thickness of 6.9 mm and a screen diagonal of 10.1 inches.

Moreover, Xperia Tablet Z, as previously shown smartphone Xperia Z, waterproof. He can not lie in the water feet of water half an hour.

Inside the tablet with a sealed enclosure is a 1.5-gigahertz chip Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of internal memory. Featured is the tablet runs on Android 4.1, but Sony said that it is ready to update the 4.2 and under will receive a package update, once it is ready. Tablet weight is 495, the camera at him from behind the 8-megapixel and 2-megapixel front.

Also, the tablet has an infrared transmitter that is compatible with the application TV Side View. Last application allows subscribers to cable TV to get additional content. Continue reading

New Linux-platform Tizen 2.0Tizen 2.0 – a new Linux-platform for mobile devices

The developers of the operating system based on Linux Tizen for smartphones, tablets, automotive systems and other equipment with control via touch screen, has officially released the source code of the system and development tools for third-party software and hardware.

Release Tizen 2.0, created with active participation from Intel and Samsung, offers third-party vendors standardized environment where applications can be created using familiar web technologies: HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

Of the other new platform Tizen 2.0 offers a number of new APIs API to access the Bluetooth and NFC on devices equipped with such units. In addition, significantly improved developer tools. At the moment there is no serial devices running Tizen, but there is a lot of speculation about the likely release of such devices at the facilities of Samsung. Continue reading

PhoneSheriffRetina-X Studios has announced the release for sale PhoneSheriff v2.0 for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows smartphones. This gadget allows parents to monitor, filter and limit the ‘phone’ activities of their children.

The parent sets the software to record and block activities associated with certain numbers, and can also track the location of the child through the GPS. In today’s world, parents more important than ever to stay in touch with their children.

PhoneSheriff is an application that allows parents to see their child smartphone screen at any moment, to read any text message, track every call and view all the video and photo images stored on the phone.

This program can block phone numbers from the contact list of your child via SMS or short calls. In addition, you can restrict access to any children of your applications and Web sites. Also there is a possibility of temporary restrictions on the use of the phone.

PhoneSheriff works, and how GPS-controller. This allows parents to track the exact location of their child. The gadget can also be used as an anti-theft element. If the SIM-card is changed, all of your ‘powers’ will remain intact. Application, among other things, allows parents to send hidden SMS commands to the observable phone. This allows parents at any time to know where their child by using the Instant GPS Locate. It also helps in case your phone is stolen, because Parents can thus determine its position even if the SIM card.

You can see PhoneSheriff Features in table below:

PhoneSheriff Features

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