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Xamarin mobile app development platformCurrently, we can observe the tendency that hardly can any business expect for the success not having a mobile app.

It can be hard for a business owner to decide, though, in what a way to conduct the development process. That’s why, I decided to study the field and came with quite a beneficial option.

There are two possible solutions to the app development issue. The first one is native platform development, and the second is cross-platform. Each having its pros and cons. Continue reading

Mobile TVA busy life forces you to spend more time with your hand held devices, right?

After all, who wants to go and sit in front of a 50 inch TV when you can just watch the same video on your tablet or phone?

The advantage is that if you get a call, your tablet can pause the video, and you can complete the call. Or, if you have an important video conference, you can take that from your mobile device. Kind of mixing work and pleasure together, eh? Continue reading

iOS 8 adoption rateThe share of devices with iOS 8 is now reached 73 percent of the total number of Apple tablets and smartphones.

iOS 7 is installed on 24% of the devices (I suspect that most of them – iPhone 4S, – Ed.), earlier versions – on 3% of the devices (According to latest data from Apple’s official App Store Distribution page.) Continue reading

OnePlus Android phoneHTC One (m8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 are great phones with fantastic specs but when you see the $700 price tag you think twice before buying them.

But what if you can buy an Android phone with similar specs for just $299? – It would be hard, almost impossible to resist. OnePlus have announced a shocking model called OnePlus One which will be released in June. It is shocking because it has high end specs and very reasonable price. This is the manufacturer’s debut phone and it seems they would storm the market from the word “go”. Continue reading

Mobile World Congress 2014For hard-core mobile techies and enthusiasts, there are few bigger events on the calendar than the annual Mobile World Congress.

The February event, staged annually in Barcelona, Spain, is one part massive mobile technology exhibition, one part industry super conference.

“The Mobile World Congress is probably the most important convention in the wireless industry,” Continue reading

android appsDespite the fact that Android currently accounts for the majority of the smartphone and mobile device market share in the world, developers have been slow to move towards the Android platform.

The majority of applications are pumped into iOS first and Android second, but there are some very persuasive reasons why Android developers should not be so quick to dismiss the Android marketplace. Continue reading

Android KitKat Reviewed

Android 4.4 KitKatIn this article, written by Carls Hummings, the author  reviews the latest version of Android Mobile Operating System.

Like everyone else I was pretty sure that the next version of the android operating system will be named “key lime pie” but Google surprised everyone by naming it KitKat.

Looking back at the history, android versions 4.0 started with the ice cream sandwich as their moniker and then the next additions came under the jelly bean moniker. Continue reading

Top 9 Smartphones For 2014

Top Smartphones 2014In this article you find a list of some of the most desired phones you can choose in 2014.

Every year brings with it a whole new horde of SmartPhones from the major players, such as BlackBerry, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Sony and others in their league.

Before  settling for a smartphone, it should be remembered that all modern smartphones are power hungry, as they have very complicated hardware. It is important to check out the power of the battery fitted in the phone. Continue reading

Designing appsThere are plenty of people who would like to get into app design, but where do you even begin?

With the value and increasing popularity that mobile apps continue to present, it’s no wonder that so many people are wanting to get into the app industry. Continue reading

Break a LaptopWhether you’re young or old, you’ve likely heard of the Darwin Awards.

This tongue in cheek fictitious awards are given posthumously to those who were so negligent or stupid as to depart this world in the most unusual of ways.

That said, isn’t it time we incorporate these awards to those devoid of brain when choosing to destroy or break social media platforms through their laptops, iPads, tablet or mobile devices? Let’s take a look at what we found. Continue reading

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