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Stolen DataA compromise of your computer network is very often a confusing experience.

Aside from the fact you can’t actually see where and how your property was tampered with or stolen, the possibility you did your best to secure your systems and still lost data can be unnerving.

So what should you do in the immediate aftermath of a data breach? Continue reading

Microsoft Patch Tuesday – November 2015Microsoft Patch Tuesday – November 2015

November 10, 2015 under the “Patch Tuesday” Microsoft released 12 security bulletins, which correct a total of 49 vulnerabilities in the company’s products. Four of them are critical, the other eight – important.

Critical patches are for flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer, and the new browser Edge, allowing remotely execute code. Continue reading

Data BreachesThe internet is a perfect place for thieves to attacks.

The Target data breach that took place during the 2013 holiday season served to kick off an entire year of major security problems for everyone from retail stores to hospitals.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that personal data is at risk in nearly every public transaction. Continue reading

internet threatsInternet has always been the most important part of our day to day activities. Internet has become inevitable for every sphere of life, thus creating a space of comfort and saving a lot of time.

When Internet was under the initial phase of development, the designers did not anticipate that the network users would be the source of malware attacks and hence did not think of working on it to protect genuine users from the online frauds.

The vulnerability has become a permanent design flaw that has been found from the day the internet has come into existence. The failure was exploited by the bogus users destroying thousands of systems thereby bringing in a million dollar damage. Internet makers are thus responsible for such a design flaw causing such a vulnerability over the network. Continue reading

RansomwareI would like to thank IT News Today for posting this guest article. They’ve posted a great number of articles which I’ve found incredibly useful and informative. In particular, I would like to direct readers to this article on getting files out of your mobile device.

Out of all of the types of malware out there, ransomware might be some of the most difficult to get rid of and the most frustrating for the victim. It is becoming a rather common tool for hackers and cybercriminals to use and can be used to exploit the victim’s financial data and simply try to directly extort money from the victim. In short, you want nothing to do with it. Continue reading

free public wifiWalk into any Starbucks, McDonald’s or the snack bar at the local public grocery store and you are certain to find people working on their laptops taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi these businesses offer. While this is a convenient (and free) way to access the web, it may not be the safest.

That’s because whenever you log onto a free Wi-Fi hot spot, you are using an unsecure connection. Everything you do – the sites you browse, the log-ins and passwords you type in, and the messages you send and receive – can easily be viewed by somebody with even the tiniest amount of hacking skills.

Free Wi-Fi is everywhere these days, making it incredibly handy. But to keep your information safe and your computer secure, it’s important that you be careful whenever you use it. Continue reading

SiteLock Security SuiteThe SiteLock services specialize in malware detection and removal. Conventional web protection models are often insufficient in the face of organized hacking attacks.

If malware products infect your site, the search engine deems you unsafe. So, the visitors face a blocked wall of security warning. This is highly damaging for any business service. Continue reading

computers virusMain Reasons For Computers Effecting with Viruses – you can be found in this article by Maria Mcquire.

While most businesses have taken to the advent of Information Technology in a fairly positive manner, not many of these first time ICT users are prepared for the consequences and hard work that follows the installation of computer hardware, network devices and phone systems; because not even with today’s rapid advancement in technology is this new generation of computer users any more comprehensively prepared to contend with viruses. Continue reading

Prolexic TechnologiesAccording to researchers, the popularity of mobile devices makes them an excellent target of hackers who use gadgets during the attacks.

The report of Prolexic Technologies Company shows that mobile applications have become increasingly used within the corporate sector to conduct DDoS-attacks since Q4 2013. Continue reading

Employee ShareStarting a business is a demanding process. Budding entrepreneurs have to give their full time and dedication to their businesses in order to make a breakthrough.

Initially, you may be required to operate alone and perform various marketing and management tasks yourself but no business can succeed without a devoted team.

As your business grows, your team grows with it. A victorious tycoon knows that creativity and freedom go hand in hand. An employee enjoying his working environment is guaranteed to produce better results and bring forth creative ideas, which in turn gives a boom to the business. Continue reading

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