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Windows 9Next year Microsoft will release a new generation of Windows desktop operating system.

It is expected that Microsoft announces a new product at the conference Build-2014. Paul Thurrott, blogger and journalist, who writes about Microsoft, has learned about the software giant’s plans.

Microsoft will introduce a new operating system Windows 9 next year, the announcement of which will take place this spring at a conference for developers Build-2014. According to Thurrott, Microsoft has completed updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Continue reading

BitcoinsUnusual project have launched in London recently, the project offers a secure and insured storage of virtual money Bitcoin.

The company Elliptic Vailt, which launched the project, stores virtual money (its private encrypted keys) on servers that do not have access to the Internet and the equipment is located in some kind of secure storage.

The company offers the insurance against theft and loss, so even there will be unpredictable losses, the insurance will cover everything.

Recently, a few hacker attacks were registered whose purpose was to steal virtual money Bitcoin. The problem of Bitcoin is that stolen virtual cannot be recovered in any way as all transactions are technically irreversible. Furthermore, Bitcoin has no central controller, so in case of loss of the digital wallet a user has no one to appeal to solve the problem. Continue reading

Android 4.4 KitKatAndroid 4.4 is the newest OS which should be running on your Galaxy S3 SCH-I535. Our pick for today in terms of firmware used to update your device to that operating system is called KitKat.

Along with KitKat, your Samsung Galaxy S3 will get a taste of an enhanced performance via various tweaks, features, options and so on. The battery life will last more than it did in the past and there won’t be bugs to take away from the enjoyment of your device. If you want to personalize the phone and user experience, the new custom ROM will allow you to do just that. Continue reading

European Cloud ComputingAs 2013 drew to a close, European Commission vice-president Neelie Kroes published an article intended to be a landmark pointing the way ahead for the European Union’s regulatory authorities on the issue of cloud computing.

In her paper, she described as “shocking” the extent of online spying and surveillance, and labelled personal privacy as “a fundamental right”. But she also said that the old-fashioned ways of preventing spying – by passing laws – would not work in the technological age, because those looking to find methods of achieving their ends using technology would not be stopped from doing so, and would constantly be one step ahead of the law enforcement agencies. Continue reading

WebeeYou think of Home Automation and immediately think of the Jetsons in a far away future.

We’ll although this is an Industry that is still developing, having complete control of your appliances from wherever you are is a reality.

There are companies already in the market that offer control over your objects. However, though every one of them claims to be “smart”, that’s not always the case. Continue reading

VoIP global dynamic

As global telecommunication networks shifts from older, copper wire based systems towards Internet based communications, some nations and world regions are further ahead than others.

In the next few years, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is set to be the largest growing industry worldwide. Just as the development of railroads and teelphone lines helped fuel the growth of industry in the 20th century, the pace at which nations are able to adapt to digital communications will play a big role in determining their success in the online marketplace of the 21st century. Because VoIP does not rely on expensive phone networks, but rather on Internet networks, there is a large opportunity for VoIP growth in countries that traditionally have not had strong infrastructures. Continue reading

ToshibaToshiba Electronics Europe has expanded the family of 2.5-inch of hard disks with a small form factor of the new model with up to 500 GB and 7 mm height.

Series MQ01ACF perfect for laptops, ultrabooks, mobile and other energy-saving devices that use built-in storage. Hard drives in this series are equipped with high-speed (6Gb / s) interface, intelligent, and an average seek time of 12 ms head.

Chain shock sensors provides protection against impacts with acceleration up to 3430 m/s2 (350 G) while the disc. After the power is turned off automatically carriage lock mechanism to protect against shocks with acceleration up to 8820 m/s2 (900 G). Moreover, vibration sensors avoid distortion when reading data associated with vibration during drive operation. Continue reading

Disney Out Powers China

DisneylandIt is undeniable that we all get through a lot of energy.

We’re constantly bombarded with information about the impending energy crisis and told to reduce our energy consumption. We can do this by switching-off appliances, never leaving lights on and changing to energy-saving light bulbs. Changing x-many light bulbs will save y-many tonnes of carbon, and z-many kilowatt-hours of electricity every year!

But what does this really mean? Talking about carbon footprints in tonnes seems like an awful lot, and who even knows what a kilowatt-hour is?

To put this in some sort of perspective, and as a bit of light relief from the pressure of saving the world, here’s a comparison between two large energy consumers:Disneyland, and a small country. Continue reading

GoogleFollowing the release of the broadcasting Chromecast device, Google introduced tools for developers focused on creating software for the devices.

Recall that Chromecast designed for streaming online broadcast from your computer (tablet or smartphone) on the TV. Currently Chromecast focused primarily on the transfer of videos from YouTube and Google Play.

According to the documentation Google, creating programs that are compatible with Chromecast should be conducted in such a way that the author of the program will be required to obtain the approval of Google’s placement in the program directory. On the other hand, judging by the capabilities of tools for developers, the new product has the potential significantly broader than simply transferring the video. The gadget can play the role of augmented reality and provide control functions for use with television and internet connection. Continue reading

Seagate Enterprise Turbo SSHDWith the advent of SSD somehow started to forget about the hard drives. Meanwhile, yesterday the company Seagate Technology has revealed its new enterprise hard drive.

The company said that the new product – it is the fastest hard drive in enterprise history. New product offering to meet the needs of the user a number of proprietary technologies, as well as built-in SSD-caching module for the most sought-after data.

The new drive Seagate Enterprise Turbo SSHD is a hybrid enterprise hard drive, which is already available for vendors and resellers. In addition, the drive is available as an option when buying servers IBM System X. Continue reading

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