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xboxOnline edition citing its sources reported that Microsoft is going to receive the domain name

Recall that Micrososft announced the game console Xbox One week ago, this console replaces the current Xbox 360 console.

However, the fact that the domain name is, of course, busy, and the current owner of the domain name it was long before Microsoft announced this console. It was recorded in December 2011, when even within the company still was not clear from the name of the new console. Continue reading

BitcoinVirtual currency Bitcoin shows the auction surprising volatility, undermining the credibility of potential major investors who are interested in her last weeks.

Today in the world’s largest exchange Bitcoin-platform virtual currency exchange rate against the dollar fell by 46% – from 230 to 123.40 dollars for 1 bitcoin.

Recall that in the last couple of weeks, the virtual currency exchange rate rose by almost 500%. Early in the year for 1 bitcoin gave about $ 15, while the end of February rate rose to 30 dollars in the last couple of days, he has soared to more than $ 200 for one virtual currency. Continue reading

Xbox 720On the Internet, there are new rumors that future Xbox game console from Microsoft will need a broadband Internet connection, according to the site, citing an unnamed source.

“If the connection will not work, it will not run any game or application. If the Internet connection is interrupted, the work the game or application will be stopped after 3 minutes, and the console will search the web “- gives the word Kotaku informed source. However, Kotaku and references to other sources, who “never heard” of the plans Microsoft. Continue reading

Summly17-year-old Nick D’Aloisio, a young computer programmer from the area Wimbledon in south London (UK), become the youngest high-tech millionaire.

Wealth had fallen on the heads of young Britons, when he sold his app Summly to U.S. Internet giant, the company Yahoo!, for nearly $ 30 million.

Summly are the “constrictor news”, which is a short digest of a standard sample on the basis of a set of diverse news sources. In fact, service Summly compresses any news to three paragraphs.

According to the results of the transaction closes D’Aloisio original service and transfers the development in mobile products Yahoo!. Nick himself goes to a permanent job at Yahoo!, continuing his studies to obtain a certificate of secondary education. D’Aloisio also reported that representatives of Yahoo! contacted him a few months ago, offering incredible prospects in the mobile sector. Continue reading

Open SourceOne of the administrators of the infrastructure of the KDE project detail described what happened a few days before the incident, which could be called the “Great Disaster KDE 2013.”

As a result of the incident, the KDE developers had nearly lost the contents of the 1500 Git-repository project.

It all started with the damage to the contents Ext4 file system on the primary Git-server after a failed virtual machine is restarted after the updates are applied to one server project. An error occurred and the file system was the integrity of the primary Git-repository, the contents of which were destroyed and many data repositories lost. The situation began to resemble a disaster, when administrators began to restore data from a backup. The fact that the backup practices a mirror Git-repository. Fingering mirror administrators was terrified – mirroring managed system automatically synchronize the erroneous data on all secondary servers, content repositories, which have also fallen into disrepair or been removed. Continue reading

Virtual money BitcoinVirtual currency Bitcoin, the prospects of a doubt, many experts, is starting to gain real weight in the world.

One sign of this was the proposal to sell the house for virtual money: according to company BBC, the inhabitant of Canada offered the house for sale, having designated the sum in Canadian dollars and in currency Bitcoin (BTC).

Taylor More, who offers to buy its house for virtual currency, explains his decision official requirements: currency Bitcoin he needed some projects with which he is currently working. In the end, More is ready to give its house with a plot area of ​​145 hectare (3.6 acres) or a 405 thousand Canadian dollars (now the Canadian dollar is approximately equal to the U.S.), or for an equivalent amount in bitcoins. The current rate of digital currency is about 69.65 U.S. dollars per 1 bitcoin. Continue reading

iCloud logoFollowed by Google and Facebook, iPhone maker also introduces a system of two-factor authentication for their online services.

While the two-step authentication is implemented for the service iCloud. As described in the Apple, the implementation of this task is to prevent the use of iCloud-data with unauthorized devices. In addition, the presence of systems to enhance the authentication system, increase the attractiveness of iCloud for enterprise users.

Now users can use two-factor authentication in the account settings in the tabs Apple ID Password and Security. In the case of two-factor authentication from Apple, users can obtain an authentication code by SMS or discover it on your special application for iPhone – Find My iPhone. Both solutions allow iCloud to ensure that their use of the device has a legitimate right of access iCloud. Continue reading

USA Department of DefenseThe U.S. Defense Department is going to buy about 650,000 iOS-devices from Apple. Acquired smartphones and tablets will store sensitive information, because of what equipment will be substantially modified. Thus, the value of the products may increase several times.

Electronista found that the U.S. Department of Defense make an order for the purchase of hardware from Apple. Organization is going to buy about 650,000 iOS-devices. Such a decision, the military came after long testing, in which in particular have dropped BlackBerry device 10 (they are rejected for economic reasons).

The Ministry of Defence is going to buy 120,000 iPad, 100,000 iPad mini, iPod touch 200,000 and 210,000 iPhone. In this paper, not told what model will be redeemed. For your new device, do not say it, but says Electronista, more than half will go directly to the field or in the fleet and the pockets of a staff manual. A huge number of vehicles will also be sent to the Pentagon. ”

Insiders claim that the iOS-devices will have to replace almost all of the old BlackBerry-devices, which are now no longer compatible with the new operating system, BlackBerry 10. The Ministry of Defence claims that employees are used every day around 470,000 BlackBerry-smartphone, none of which no BlackBerry 10.

The Ministry of Defence said that in general in the service of the military in the next three years will be 8 million smartphones, most of which will be used to store and transmit sensitive information. These devices will also be subjected to major modifications to guarantee data security. These upgrades can increase the cost of devices in 4 times. In 2012, the U.S. government has spent on information technology at $ 80 billion

Google KeepGoogle launches Keep for personal notes Google today presented a new network service Keep, designed to allow users to keep it short personal notes and organize their own virtual desktop.

New Evernote-like service from Google is positioned as a simple method of organizing information that allows users to virtually place Keep in almost any data, including hand-written or recorded voice on the microphone.

Keep the presentation said that the new product is a central place to store all the thoughts, plans, notes, and reminders to the user. It should be noted that in the current version is already running Keep voice recognition system that can translate the text dictated notes. “With the Keep you can quickly write if you have any ideas, thoughts, and words, to provide additional materials,” – says Katherine Kuan, Software Engineer Google.

Today, Google announced that it has released a special widget for Android-Keep, so that users can quickly access the service from a mobile device. In Google also said that the new service is fully integrated with other products of the company, such as Google Drive, Docs and others. Continue reading

Washington Post websiteOne of the largest U.S. newspaper Washington Post plans to make a paid version of its online version.

Works on a subscription model to be introduced later this year, and it will be done in the same way as in the case of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, when much of the content will be available only for the money and some items – for free.
According to the publication of the plan now under consideration, the paper will offer readers 20 free articles a month, and for all the others have to pay, in addition to the free edition subscribers remain with the paper version of the newspaper. Prices for subscription edition has not yet identified.

Analysts do not have a clear approach to the introduction of paid versions of newspaper websites. Obviously, on the one hand, such steps are intended to compensate for the decline in advertising sales and a drop in sales of printed editions. The largest U.S. publication The New York Times two years ago introduced a toll system and since then readers of the base toll reached 640,000 customers and is now publishing gets more revenue from subscriptions than from advertising. Continue reading

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